Wanna Star in the film?

Have you always dreamt of working alongside Johnny Depp? Think you've got the acting skills to outshine Keira Knightley? Well, yeah, keep right on dreaming baby. We're making a documentary, not a Hollywood blockbuster. But we are running a small competition you may be interested in.

You don't need to be obscenely rich to enter. All you have to do is become a Crude investor or make a donation of £500 or more. Everyone who does so will be entered into a prize draw and then one winner will be picked to be immortalised for all time. Or for not very long at all if The Age of Stupid is a total turkey.

If the winner lives in or can low-carbon travel to London, we will arrange to film them ourselves. If they are further away, we'll give detailed instructions for their friend with a camcorder to do so. We haven't decided exactly what they'll be doing yet, but it certainly won't involve any sex scandals and they won't be co-starring with George Clooney. In fact, it probably won't even be a speaking role. But we will sneak a shot of them into the film somewhere. Fancy it?



If the value of your loan is £2,500 or more you will be entitled to participate in the "Chance to Star in the Film" competition, which shall accord with the following conditions: The prize is an onscreen role in the Film (“Onscreen Role”) that being defined as inclusion of footage of the winning entrant in the Film provisionally entitled “Crude”. All Onscreen Roles must be entirely the entrant's original work, not defame any person or corporate body nor breach any intellectual property rights, including but not limited to any copyright. Each person making a Investment of £2,500 or more shall be entitled to one entry per Investment of £2,500 or more. All of these entries shall be included, along with entries of those people donating £500 or more subject to the conditions in the agreement governing donations (“the Donation Agreement” available on the Website), in a draw to be held on 10 August 2007 (“the Draw”). The Draw shall be conducted by way of random blind selection of one entry (“the Winning Entry”) from a hat containing all entries to be carried out in the presence of a barrister or solicitor admitted to the UK bar. Investments or Donations made prior to 1 June 2007 shall not entitle the relevant investor or donor to an entry or entries in the Draw. Investments or Donations made on or after 9 August 2007 shall not entitle the relevant investor or donor to an entry or entries in the Draw. No employee of Spanner Films, OOPS or Passion Pictures may enter the Draw. The Winning Entry shall be announced on 10 August 2007. If the investor or donor to whom the Winning Entry belongs (“Winning Entrant”) is in London or is able to travel to London by way of low-carbon transport (other than plane or car) at their own expense within 7 days after the Draw OOPS will assist in the filming of their Onscreen Role, at a time that suits OOPS. If the investor or donor to whom the Winning Entry belongs is not able to travel to London, they shall be solely responsible for providing to OOPS a PAL format DV tape according with the specifications that shall be provided to them by OOPS (“the Tape”). OOPS will not pay any expenses incurred by the Winning Entrant. If the investor or donor to whom the Winning Entry belongs is unable to be contacted after reasonable attempts or unable to participate in the filming of their Onscreen Role or unable to provide to OOPS the Tape within 7 days after the Draw, OOPS reserves the right to cancel the Winning Entry and hold a further draw subject to the conditions above save in respect to the date of the Draw. By entering the Draw, you agree that if you are chosen as the Winning Entrant you will: grant to OOPS an exclusive irrevocable perpetual worldwide licence to copy, edit, distribute, adapt, broadcast, transmit, distribute or use in any manner or format whatsoever the Onscreen Role and you grant to OOPS all necessary permissions and consents, including but not limited to waiver of moral rights and performer’s rights, to permit OOPS to exploit fully the Onscreen Role. You acknowledge and agree that OOPS shall not be liable to make any payment whatsoever in respect of the Onscreen Role. You will take part in and provide reasonable assistance and co-operation to OOPS in relation to competition publicity, including, amongst other things, attending and being photographed at a winner's presentation for marketing purposes. Investors and donors desiring to enter the Draw must supply full contact details, and comply with all rules set out herein to be eligible for the prize. No responsibility is accepted for ineligible entries or entries made fraudulently. OOPS reserves the right to cancel this competition at any stage, if deemed necessary in its opinion, and if circumstances arise outside its control. OOPS shall make its best endeavours to include the Onscreen Role in the Film but reserves the right to refrain from doing so if OOPS considers such footage to be fundamentally incompatible with the artistic direction of the Film.