Translators Wanted

Speak anything other than English?

We're well underway with the plan to translate the film for a worldwide audience. Thanks so much to everyone who's volunteered to help already. Only two languages left - as below - if anyone has any contacts. Please email Katie Barlow, who is coordinating the whole thing:

Still need help with:  

Native Arabic and Bengali speakers with excellent English skills and translation/Subtitle experience please :)

Got these covered, thanks very much

Italian, Spanish, Russian, German, Turkish, Polish, Romanian, Serb-Croatian, Dutch, Finnish, Greek, Norwegian, Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese, Chinese Wu, Mandarin, Malyalam, Bahasa, Korean, Punjabi, Hindi, Gujarati, Swahili, Urdu, Indonesian, Danish, Swedish, Czech, Slovak, Vietnamese, Malay, Thai, Burmese, Hausa, Hungarian, Japanese, French, Portugese
and Icelandic

More details of the job:

Less than a third of the world’s population speaks English, and only a twelfth of us have English as our first language. But climate change is set to ruin things for everyone, not just those of us in the English speaking world, so it’s pretty vital we get Stupid translated into as many of those other languages as possible.

The plan is to get an uber-mega-32-language-subtitled DVD ready for May-ish, when we release the film for anyone anywhere (nearly) to hold their own screening.

We would do more but we can only fit 32 onto one DVD, and anyway if we can manage this many then pretty much the only people who won’t be able to see Stupid will be isolated hunter-gatherer tribes such as the Pirahã of the Amazon rainforest or the !Kung of the Kalahari. Of course, they’re not the ones causing all the problems so perhaps they’re better off not knowing about it…

We're looking for two volunteers - who don't need to know each other, what with the magic of the internet - to do each language. One to do the first draft and the other to go through fine-tuning and double-checking. The first job is about six days, full-time, and the second about two days, so it's a big commitment. Both people need to have excellent English and be translating into their first language.

Unfortunately the deadline is early-April, because of how long it will take to process the work before it’s ready to be published on the DVD. So not much time.

And not much money, either, so we’re afraid this epic task is only suited to heroic types who are up for helping fight climate change in exchange for expenses and a credit on the DVD and website. Plus of course the warm glow you’ll get from helping the film reach, hopefully, hundreds of thousands of viewers who wouldn't otherwise be able to see it.