2050 Stablise global temperature rise below 2 degrees
2030 Global carbon emissions cut by 60% (80% for UK)
August 24 2010 
American DVD available in shops.
June 1 2009
Cinema release in Germany complete with whole German version of the website
May 25 2009  An entire night of Spanner Films on the UK's Community Channel 
May 1 2009 Age of Stupid free online for the UK election
April 16 2009
 USA TV premiere on Discovery
April 13 2009
 Lizzie wins Green Trailblazer Award and gives speech at fancy Cannes reception
March 12 2009
 New distribution platform Good Screenings launches with ten social action films
February 12 2010
 Franny and Lizzie named 21st Century Heroines in Harpers Bazaar magazine
January 2010
 Crowd-funders and crew are paid their first percentage of Stupid profits
January 2010
 Team Stupid officially disbands. Rhiannon holds the fort.
January 2010
 McLibel picked as 14th best film of the decade by Channel Four
December 19 2009 Final Stupid Show broadcast live from Copenhagen, with Tony Juniper, Mark Lynas, President Nasheed and Ed Miliband
Dec 14 2009
 BBC broadcast of Age of Stupid. Debate rages afterwards.
Dec 10 2009 First Stupid Show broadcast live from Copenhagen climate summit. 
Dec 9 2010
 Stupid available for download and streaming from Spanner website
Dec 7 2009 TV stations around the world screen Stupid during Copenhagen (Finland, Norway, Netherlands, Belgium & the UK)
Dec 1st 2009
 Stupid is big in Chinese pirate DVD market
Nov 20 2009
 Franny beats Jonathan Porritt and Barack Obama to be named Green Personality of the Year
Nov 5 2009 DVD sells out in the UK and a re-run is ordered
Nov 3 2009
 Franny rescued by London Mayor Boris Johnson (you couldn't make it up)
Nov 3 2009  Stupid misses out on Best Cinema Doc at prestigious Grierson awards
October 27 2009
Action Aid launch the Age of Stupid schools pack
October 2009
DVD goes on sale
October 24 2009
Indie Screenings launches globally on 350 day of action
September 21 - 22 2009 Global Premiere live from New York to 500+ cinemas in 40+ countries
September 1 2009
1010 launches at the Tate Modern
August 19 2009 Green carpet simultaneous premiere in Australia and New Zealand
August 17 2009
Australian parliament screening
July 27 2009
Kofi Annan agrees to speak at Global Premiere in New York
June 15 2009
Andrew becomes first Head of Finance to sort out money situation (aka escalating money problem
June 14 2009 NGO Coordinator Jahlia's first day - sent straight off to Germany on a 5am train for a Friends of the Earth meeting
May 22 2009
Indie Screenings launches in the UK - live from RSA with George Monbiot, Nicholas Stern & Richard Betts
May 18 2009
Lizzie on a panel at Cannes Film Festival
May 7 2009
Team Stupid told we get an impressive amount done in a time management class
April 27 2009
Multilingual volunteer team check the translations at the subtitling house
April 11 - 12 2009
Team Stupid strategy retreat in the countryside
Mar 22 2009
Franny vs Ed round 2 at Tricyle Cinema debate. Seeds of 1010 born.
Mar 20 - 27 2009
Release week screenings - post show talks and events all over the UK
Mar 20 2009
Film released in UK cinemas
Mar 18 2009
Screening at European Wind Energy conference with Piers
Mar 15 2009
People's Premiere, Leicester Square & 64 UK cinemas
Mar 13 2009
Win Best Documentary at Birds Eye View
Mar 7 2009
First weekend packing Actions Packs
Mar 5 2009
Screening to Scottish Government
Feb 24 2009
Screening to DECC (UK govt Department of Energy & Climate Change)
Feb 20 2009
UKFC confirm grant of £100,000 for the UK People's Premiere
Feb 19 2009
Age of Stupid gets a 12a rating by the BBFC
Feb 16 2009
Not Stupid campaigning interns start, Nic, Adam, Katie and Lily.
Feb 15 2009
Stupid on Politics show
Feb 10 2009
EU Screening in Brussels
Feb 10 2009
Rhiannon starts as office bod
Feb 8 2009
Filming Lizzie & Franny final interviews for Making Of documentary
Jan 25 2009
Sydney NGO preview screening and brainstorm
Jan 20 2009
Press screening at Soho screening rooms
Jan 9 2009
NGO screening and event in Scotland
Jan 5 2009
Crack new team start: Tom & Leo
Jan 4 2009 
50 translators from around the world volunteer to work on our multi-language DVD
Dec 24 2008 
Sign up PR team Unity to run the Not Stupid campaign
Dec 17 2008
Set up Not Stupid company
Dec 16 2008
Long lead press screening
Dec 12 2008    
VAT inspection (passed - phew)
Dec 10 2008   
Justin Badger starts six-week Making Of edit
Dec 9 2008 
Three screenings at UN Climate Summit in Poznan
Dec 7 2008
Sign up PR team Rogers & Cowan to promote the film
Dec 5 2008  
Sign on dotted line with international sales agent, Celluloid Dreams 
Dec 2 2008 
Bad news: we didn't get picked for Sundance Film Festival
Nov 26 2008  
Gala fundraiser for Not Stupid campaign hosted by Gillian Anderson. Biggest ever donation of £100kfrom one person. 
Nov 25 2008
Sign up Greenpeace as key partner NGO
Nov 24 2008  
European launch of the film at IDFA a success
Nov 22 2008
Lizzie returns
Nov 15 2008
Sign up Daniel as NGO liason and indie screening co-ordinator
Nov 11 2008
Film wins prestigious Grierson award
Nov 2008
Sign up Action Aid to produce and distribute Stupid Schools Pack
Oct 2008
Edit trailer
Oct 30 2008
Final shares in the film go on sale (£5,000 minimum)
Oct 21 2008
Launch new website created by the brilliance that is Torchbox
Oct 16 2008
Sign on dotted line with UK theatrical distributor, DogWoof in unprecedented deal
Oct 3 2008
Obtain certificate of Britishness & apply fat tax refund from Government
Sept 22 2008
Screening for distributors and surprise special guest Gillian Anderson
Sept 12 2008 Lizzie moves back home to New Zealand (temporarily)
Sept 5 2008 Apply for Britishness certificate from UK Film Council
Sept 4 2008
Special private screening co-hosted by OneClimate for 170 NGO reps to work out how best to team up when film is released and Ken Livingstone came
Sept 4 2008 Clare Hardwick onboard as Head of Admin.
Aug 4 2008
Move into new office in Camden
Aug 1 2008
McLibelpicked in BFI's season of 'Ten Documentaries That Changed The World'
Aug 2008
Finishing licensing all music & archive
Aug 2008
Mend sick Avid (editing computer)
July 21 2008
Screen the film in British Houses of Parliament
July 17 2008
Agree items for AOS merchandising line - all products help you consume less
July 2008
Meet various international sales agents to make deal
June 24-26 2008 Lizzie & Franny try to sell the film at the Sunny Side of the Doc film market in France
June 2008
Make French version
June 2 2008
BBC big cheese loves the film and says it should be shown in primetime slot
May 24 2008
Investors & crew preview screening - with lots of crying
May 21 2008
Frantic final days of post-production
May 14 2008
Franny & Perry grade the film (fix the colour in every shot)
May 12 2008
Lizzie records extra voiceover with Piers & Lisa in Cornwall
May 3 2008
Franny, Chris & Paul mix orchestral tracks in Coventry
May 1 2008
Voiceover recording day including brilliant performance by 9 year old Ucci (problems with capitalism animation)
April 18 2008
Pete Postlethwaite records extra voiceover
April 11 2008
Work-in-progress screening to Transition Towns national conference
April 2008
Legal checks
April 31 2008
Animators deliver final versions to The Farm
April - May 2008 Intensive 2 months of post-production at The Farm
Jan - May 2008
Weekly focus group screenings at Franny's
Mar 13 2008
Interview with carbon rationing expert Mayer Hillman
Mar 13 2008
Franny and Lizzie show clips of The Age of Stupid at Birds Eye View Festival
Mar 05 2008
Sunny Side preview screening & explaining to French producers how to raise £350K
Feb 26 2008
Funding event in Second Life and on One Climate Island
Feb 16 2008
On the telly!
Feb 13 2008
3rd and final funding mission begins
Feb 12 2008
Recorded Orchestra at Devas Recording Studio
Jan 24 2008 Film Pete Postlethwaite as the star in our film
Jan 23 2008 24 hours to transform a carpet warehouse in Neasden into a global archive in 2055
Jan 21 2008
Banksey agrees to lend us a print for the drama shoot
Jan 15 2008
Find location and crew for drama shoot
Jan 3 2007
Yet more animators signed up
Dec 21 2007
Sign up script writer
Dec 18 2007
Crew screening for final animation check
Dec 17 2007 Cast A-list actor, ie Pete Postlethwaite
Dec 3 2007
Film Jeremy Hardy Comedy gig
Nov 28 2007
Film skinny refugees in Green Screen studio for devastated future shots
Nov 15 2007 Screening of work in progress at Be The Change Festival
Nov 11 2007 Sheffield Festival screening of work in progress.
Nov 6 2007 Film stand-in Old Man drama for Sheffield screening.
Nov 6 2007
Lizzie & Martyn sign up 3 more After Effects animators.
Oct 27 - Nov 1 Franny banished to caravan by the sea to write the script.
Oct 29 2007 Film junk in Camden canal for Martyn's devastated London shot.
Oct 24 2007
Meet George Marshall (expert on climate denial) for advice on characterisation.
Sept 25 2007
Peter Hill (brother of Editor David) signed up to make graphic explaining formation of oil.
Oct 16 2007
Film George Monbiot interview.
Oct 13 2007 Film Mark Lynas giving Schumacher lecture.
Oct 5 2007 Panic as animators keep pulling out (can't work at our low rates). Try and sign up more.
Sept 15 2007
Sign up Dan Haskett to animate section on wasting energy.
Sept 22 2007 Martyn (animation director) designs powerful devastated 2055 images.
Sept 19 2007
Beth & Paul start clearing archive. Good news - we can use Dinosaurs shot.
Sept 15 2007
Screen very rough version to see if new idea with Old Man in the future works. It does!
Sept 8-14 2007
Re-write, edit, and shoot film with Franny's dad as Old Man in the future
Sept 8 2007
Test Screening at the Curzon Cinema Soho is disastrous
Sept 7 2007 Franny does 24 hour edit - the Avid breaks
Sept 6 2007
Casting of child actors 3
Aug 29 2007
Animation begins at Passion Pictures Studio in Soho
Aug 28 2007
1st orchestral score from Chris Brierley
Aug 23 2007 Sign up animators Leo Murray and John Munro
Aug 21 2007 BFI screens McLibel as part of its '10 documentaries that shook the world' series
Aug 21 2007
1st animation style tests from Martyn
Aug 12 2007
Beth Stratford starts massive archive search
Aug 10 2007 First casting session with child actors
Aug 6 2007 Martyn Pick signed up as Animation Director
July - Sept 2007
Edit 7 (9 weeks)
July 4 2007 BBC agree to fantastic archive deal
June 25 2007 Launch new website
June 11 2007 Last day doc filming. Piers's windfarm application rejected
May 26-28 2007 Film interviews with Eric Hobsbawn & Jeremy Leggett at Hay Festival
May 21-25 2007 Take apart and rebuild Avid
May 2007
Filming: Cornwall (4 days). Interviews, home life, Piers at windfarm
May 2007 Script writing (3 weeks): Franny, Emily , David & Mark
April - May 2007
Edit 6 (3 weeks)
April 2007 Torchbox onboard as web designers
April 18 2007 Emily James onboard as Writer
April 12 2007 Bruce Goodison onboard as Future Archive Director
March 2007
Filming: Cornwall (3 days). Home turbine going up
March 2007
Rough cut test screenings for friends and funders
March 7 2007 Make deal with The Farm to do all post-production at super-discount rate
Feb 2007 Edit 5 (4 weeks)
Jan 20 2007
Baked Alaska on Al Jazeera
Jan - Feb 2007 Filming: Nigeria & India (22 days). Layefa's college interview, Jeh's airline growing
Jan 2007 Edit 4 (1 week)
Dec 2006 Filming: New Orleans (16 days). Jazz gig, oil rig & Al's camp.
Nov 11 2006 First test screening at PAL Media Lab
Nov 8 2006
Lizzie buys Blackberry
Sept - Nov 2006 Edit 3 (8 weeks)
Sept 2006 Filming: Chamonix (8 days) Aerials of the Alps, Fernand & windfarm family on glacier
Sept 1 2006
Filming: Iraqi Border
Aug 30 2006 First aerial filming with Jordanian military over Amman, Jordan
Aug 24 2006
Sponsor-an-Iraqi kid to go to school programme launched and 131 kids in school as a result
Aug 2006 Filming: Jordan (32 days) Find 6th & final characters: Jamila & Adnan Bayyoud
July 2006 Research & writing week with Mark Lynas
July 2006 Filming: Wales (1 Day) Windfarm exhibition
June 12 2006 Sign up 5th character - paleontologist and hero of Katrina, Alvin DuVernay
June 2006 Filming, New Orleans (14 days): Devasatated city, searching for oil industry person
May 2006 Sign up Bindmans as lawyers
May 2006
Filming: Chamonix (1 Day). Fernand on 20km bike protest in the rain
May 2006 Filming, Chamonix (3 days). Attempt aerial shots but weather too bad.
April 17 2006 Sign up 4th character. Nigerian wannabe medical student Layefa Malemi
April 2006 Filming, Nigeria (17 days). Niger Delta devastation and searching for strong woman
March 2006 Edit 2 (2 weeks)
March 6 2006
Chinese version of McLibel released
March 2006 Filming: Cornwall (2 days). Carbon audit & collective farming meeting
Feb 2006 Filming: Chamonix (14 days) Fernand skiing & hiking, timelapse, cars.
Feb 17 2006
 McLibel screened in select UK cinemas and beats George Clooney in reviews
Feb 9 2006
Launch Funding Stage 2 in Soho. Raise £75k on the night
Feb 8 2006
FSA Approval from lawyers for our Stage 2 Funding Plan
Feb 2 2006
Buy back-protecting chairs with UnLtd Money so we can work longer hours
Jan 2006 Edit 1 (1 week): Trailer for funders
Jan 2006 Filming: Cornwall
Dec 25 2005 Filming: Cornwall (1 Day). Christmas Day with the Guy Family
Dec 2005 Filming: Chamonix (19 days) Fernand & great-grandchildren. Melting snow & glaciers.
Dec 2005 Sign up 4th character, 82-year-old French mountain guide Fernand
Dec 2005
Decide to swop Francesco for a mountain guide
Nov 15 2005
Filming: Bedford (1 Day). Windfarm parish council meeting

Nov 13 2005

Sign up David Hill as editor
Nov 13 2005
Set up Timelapse shot in Morzine, Yvan on board as cameraman
Nov 7 2005
Filming: Bedford (1 Day). Windfarm public meeting
Nov 1 2005 Filming: Beijing (1 Day). Chinese crew film Francesco's speech to UN
Nov 2005
Secure UnLtd grant of £20K
Oct 2005
Filming: Bedford (2 days) Windfarm protest
Oct 2005 Filming: Singapore & India (14 days). Launch of Indian airline
Oct 2005
Drowned Out up for Best British Documentary at BIFAs (didn't win)
Oct 2005 Sign up Piers & Lisa Guy as 3rd characters
Oct 2005
Decide on windfarms as third story
Oct 2005 Buy new Avid edit system
Sept 2005
Filming: Madrid (2 days). Francesco in heatwave
Sept 15 2005 Filming: The Alps (4 days). Francesco on the melting glaciers
Aug 30 2005
McLibel DVD in American shops
Aug 2005
Filming: India. 6 days waiting for interview with Jeh
Aug 2005 Filming: India (14 days) Find second character: Jeh
Aug 12 2005
Franny buys a Blackberry
Late July 2005
Andy Depledge throws massive book at the avid after months of wrestling with N
July 2005 First Animation meeting at Passion
July 1 2005 Filming: The Alps (2 days). Wedding of Francesco's Daughter
June 25 2005
Sold 100th Share in first Funding Round
June 17 2005 Filming: The Alps (6 days) with first character, Francesco Frangialli, local Mayor
June 15 2005
Filming: Paris Air Show (2 days). No luck finding Indian airlines man
June 5 2005 
McLibel screened on BBC and gets one million viewers
June 2005 
McLibel opens in US cinemas 
June 14 2005
Buy High Definition camera (Sony Z1)
June 11 2005
Decide on Indian low cost airline start-up as story 1
May 18 2005 Move office out of Franny's house into her Dad's flat. (Is this progress?)
April 15 2005
McLibel screened on BBC4
April 2005
McLibel DVD released in the UK
Feb 15 2005
The McLibel 2 win in Europe after 15 years of fighting McDonalds
Jan - April 2005 Re-edit McLibel for BBC2 and cinema
Dec 14 2004 Launch of crowd-funding model at first fundraising event. Raise £35K
Dec 12 2004
Incorporate Company. Set up Bank Account
Dec 1 2004
Drowned Out nominated for Best British Documentary at BIFAs (doesn't win)
Nov 18 2004 Think up Funding Plan
Sept 27 2004
Drowned Out on TV in USA
Sept 2004 Lizzie Gillett onboard as Producer
Sept 2004
McLibel 2's hearing at the European Court of Human Rights
July 15 2004
Drowned Out DVD released
May 2004
Sign up John Battsek as Producer
Feb 2004
First SWOTS course
Jan 21st 2004 
Drowned Out on telly in India
Nov 2003
Franny does speaking tour of America
Sept 2003
Drowned Out broadcast on PBS in America
Aug 2003
Film Drowned Out update in India for PBS broadcast
August 2002
Drowned Out premiere at Curzon in Soho
2002 - 2003 Finish Drowned Out and The Dammed
July 2002 Think of idea for The Age of Stupid (originally called Crude)