Minus 9000 pounds in the Crude account

Location Spanner Films office (aka spare room in stepmum's flat) | Mood In need of inspiration | Date 3 January 2006
Well, that was a depressing Xmas and New Year surrounded by reproducing family units. And it is of course a well-known fact that you can either be a filmmaker or have successful personal relationships. Still, as Helen Steel says, it's not that she feels great for fighting McLibel, it's that she would have felt much worse if she hadn't. I'd hate myself forever if I chose babies or comfort over Crude.

A dodgy bloke in the crowd

Location Hot bath | Mood Adrenalin comedown | Date 4 December 2005
Filming the climate change march with our new baby steadicam

Someone to represent the future

Location Kitchen table in Spanner office. Too many people upstairs, can't think. | Mood Re-inspired | Date 3 October 2005
The Guy family. Photograph: Charlotte Rushton  

Signed up John Battsek today

Location Bus back from Tottenham Court Rd | Mood Very excited. Toes tapping | Date 20 May 2004
Two years have passed since thinking of the idea for the film. Been busy finishing Drowned Out and making a DVD of McLibel.