With Photos

Guarding a snowman to no avail

Location Morzine one bed | Mood Homesick | Date 5 March 2006
Lugging gear in the rain (again) Photograph: Charlotte Rushton  

Secret to being lucky?

Location Bar near apartment | Mood Jubilant | Date 26 February 2006
Lucky we had pro-skier & cameraman Tchouky on La Vallée Blanche

School trip in the morning

Location Apartment for six, party zone of Chamonix. Nothing else left. | Mood Scared | Date 25 February 2006
We're going to try and ski / film there?? Photograph: Charlotte Rushton  

I'm in love! With an 81-year-old!

Location Hotel with WIFI access down the road from our apartment | Mood Euphoric | Date 14 December 2005
Who could help but fall in love with Fernand?

A dodgy bloke in the crowd

Location Hot bath | Mood Adrenalin comedown | Date 4 December 2005
Filming the climate change march with our new baby steadicam

Documentary poetry with Jeh

Location Hotel room in Mumbai | Mood Soldiering on | Date 27 October 2005
Our hero Photograph: Patrick Igonet  

Someone to represent the future

Location Kitchen table in Spanner office. Too many people upstairs, can't think. | Mood Re-inspired | Date 3 October 2005
The Guy family. Photograph: Charlotte Rushton  

Sold 100th Crude share

Location SF office (in my house) | Mood Internal satisfaction | Date 25 June 2005
John Battsek convincing people to fund Crude McLibel finally made it onto BBC2 a few weeks back - a mere ten years since I started - which ramped up the Spanner Films publicity 10000% and meant we today sold our 100th Crude share, I

First confirmed Crude character

Location Outside the (closed) Eurostar office at Paris train station | Mood Incredulous to not be cold lying on stone floor in shorts and t-shirt in middle of night. Good old global warming. | Date 14 June 2005
Our plan to save a few quid on non-exchangeable Eurostar tickets has backfired and left us spending the night in a Paris train station. (Could have got a hotel for four hours, but felt too bad spending our sponsors' cash). Lizzie is sleeping next to me, but I'm not sure we should leave 10,000 quids worth of camera equipment unguarded all night. So I'm texting friends in different time zones, finally listening properly to the brilliant Holy Joy album (as heard on McLibel) and updating this threadbare diary.

Paris Airshow

Location Sitting on floor in corridor in weird Chinese-owned hotel in Paris as only place where WIFI works | Mood Annoyed | Date 12 June 2005
Airbus's mockup of their really really big new plane at Paris Airshow.