drowned out

Medha vs The Dam

Date 25th Sep 2003

Medha vs The Dam - Following PBS's broadcast last week, check out the fierce debate between Medha Patkar (founder of NBA) and S.K. Mohapatra from the dam construction company.

Drowned Out on American TV this Thursday ! !

Date 15th Sep 2003

Drowned Out on American TV this Thursday ! ! The first ever broadcast of DO - now a 45 minute film called 'The Dammed' - is on PBS, Thurs 18 September, 9pm. YES!!

The first film you ever see...

Date 30th Aug 2003

The first film you ever see and it stars yourself. See how the Jalsindhi villagers coped when we brought Drowned Out back to the Narmada valley.

Drowned Out goes full circle...

Date 28th Aug 2003

Drowned Out goes full circle with screenings in Mumbai, India, introduced by director Franny Armstrong.

Funding for Hindi version of Drowned Out

Date 24th Jul 2003

24th July 2003: The Funding Network has sponsored us to make a Hindi version of Drowned Out. Thanks very much. It should be ready by the end of August.

Wild Spaces Film Festival

Date 29th Oct 2002

The Wild Spaces Film Festival in Australia has selected Drowned Out as the lead film this year. It'll be playing in 12 cities across the country on 15th -> 17th November. Should get a load of press too.

Double bill

Date 11th Oct 2002

Following the sell-out premiere of Drowned Out last week, the Curzon Soho have offered to screen a double bill of Spanner Films.... how cool is that?

Drowned Out screening downunder

Date 10th Oct 2002

First Drowned Out screening downunder will be at an old porn cinema in Auckland, New Zealand this Sunday, 13th Oct.

Sold out in Scotland

Date 26th Sep 2002

Another sold out screening of Drowned Out at the ImagineAsia Festival in Edinburgh last night. Can we keep up our 100% record? Doubt it.

Drowned Out to seven million US homes

Date 18th Sep 2002

FreeSpeech TV in the States will be airing Drowned Out to seven million US homes in October.