American McLibel DVD released today.

Date 29th Aug 2005

America gets McLibel on DVD today.

"Not everyone can be a filmmaker, but everyone can act out of conscience."

Date 18th Aug 2005

Franny Armstrong documented the longest running trial in British legal history. She gives Kim Janssen some tips on how to be a renegade filmmaker

Lovin' it, Hatin' it, Couldn't care less?

Date 5th Jun 2005

The BBC are hosting a forum on McLibel today, following last night's broadcast.

McLibel DVD with four hours of extras

Date 3rd Jun 2005

Available now from our online shop. "Puts many big studio releases to shame".

Login, Download and Stick Up

Date 2nd Jun 2005

Fantastic photos of McLibel posters in unexpected locations, courtesy of the McSpotlight website.

A blueprint for resistance" says Time Out

Date 1st Jun 2005

"A blueprint for resistance" says Time Out and chooses McLibel for 'Pick of The Day'. "An intriguing and genuinely informative piece of television".

McLibel to be screened on BBC2

Date 31st May 2005

McLibel to be screened on BBC2 this Sunday, 5th June 2005, as part of Storyville's flagship series of landmark documentaries. It may have taken ten years, but we got there in the end.

"Hopefully every single person will be as inspired as I was when I first heard about it"

Date 29th May 2005

With McLibel shortly to be screened on BBC2 as part of a season of flagship modern documentary works under the Storyville banner, Slarek looks at the work of Spanner films, and talks to director Franny Armstrong about its past, present and future, and the long process of getting no-budget documentary to a national audience.

Video clips of our new McLibel film

Date 25th May 2005

Video clips of our new McLibel film are now up on the spunky website.