Follow what the tweetosphere is saying about our film (The Age of Stupid), campaign (10:10) or glorious leader (Franny Armstrong) below.

Spanner's Greatest Hits

3 Biggest ever crowd-funded film raising over 1 million pounds
This is a bit more blurb on crowd-funding

Back to school with SWOTS:

Date 19th Aug 2008

Our everything you-need-to-know-to-make documentaries film school on Sept 6th & 7th in Central London

First public sneak preview

Date 26th Feb 2008

First public sneak preview of new doc in Second Life and live online tonight. Come along as an Avatar and see clips from the film.

Another Michael Moore / Morgan Spurlock rabble rouser?

Date 2nd Nov 2007

The Documentary Channel interviews Spanner Films's Franny as they're playing both McLibel and Drowned Out this week.