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#3 A technical write off

When Skype and a couple of laptops destroyed our internet broadcasting dreams.

#5 Stupid Sceptics

George Monbiot and Richard Littlejohn get silly, then serious about sceptics.

#6 Media spotlight

With Thom Yorke, eco-hero Tony Juniper, and fashion legend Vivienne Westwood.

#7 Risky odds

Would you bet your life on the odds leaders are giving us to avoid catastophe?

#8 What's the deal?

Thoughts on the outcome of COP15 from new and old Stupid Show faces.

In December 2009, the Age of Stupid team set off by train and boat to the UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen. Our mission: to make "the most important meeting in human history" comprehensible for ordinary people.

Live from the conference centre every night,  using paper men and magnets, tomatoes and fruit, felt-tip pens and increasingly ridiculous props, we did our best to explain the science, the politics, the lies and the eventual outcome of all those hundreds of negotiating hours.

We were joined by a ridiculously good line up of guests, including Radiohead's Thom Yorke, Naomi Klein (author and activist), George Monbiot (journalist and author), Mohammed Nasheed (President of the Maldives), Vivienne Westwood (fashion designer), Ed Miliband (UK Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change), John Prescott (MP),  Achim Steiner (United Nations Under-Secretary General), Kumi Naidoo (the UN, Secretary General to the Eminent Persons Group),  and many more brilliant people.

The Stupid Show was hosted by OneClimate's 24/7 Copenhagen webcast - live from a couple of laptops and two tiny cameras. Meaning we could say what we wanted, when we wanted, how we wanted - live and direct. A revolutionary moment in independent broadcasting? Quite possibly.

The 'fair, ambitious, and legally binding' deal we needed to give humanity more than a coinflip chance of survival, wasn't' reached. So keep watching these videos to learn about where we're at, what still needs to be done, and how you can take action.

*A big thank you to everyone who came to our rescue and sponsored the Stupid Show - whether you gave your money for a strand of the show/a team member's tea and toast/or a tambourine you all made it possible*