Embedding The Stupid Show

The Stupid Show

The first Stupid Show goes out live at 8pm CET on Friday 11th December for 30 minutes. Then it's on every evening at 8pm until the final day of the climate talks on Saturday 18th. Except we're not having a show on Sunday 13th cos we're having a singing party instead. When the live show isn't on air the last show will play in the embedded video window.

The Stupid Show is part of the Copenhagen 24:7 live webstream, which goes out non-stop from the first day of the talks till the last. This page allows you to embed either just The Stupid Show or the whole of Copenhagen 24/7 onto your site. Obviously it's free, but if you can make a donation, that would be much appreciated as we currently only have enough cash to get to the middle Tuesday...

If you'd like to have The Stupid Show on your site, just copy and paste this html into your blog, website or mySpace:

This embed can scaled to the width of your site. You just have to add a width parameter and make sure that you set the height to the width x 0.65. So for a 640 pixel wide embed, the embed code would be:

We prefer you use the code above, but some websites (e.g. MySpace) do not allow for the use of IFRAME elements. In that case you'll have to embed just the video, which is actually a YouTube playlist. That's done with the following code:

If you embed just the video part, please include a link to http://stupidshow.tv so people can get to more information quickly and also find out how to embed the show.

Under no circumstances should you follow the embed instructions from the youtube video, as they will just let you embed the first segment of the current episode at the moment of embedding.

Copenhagen 24/7

The Copenhagen 24:7 stream will begin on Monday 7th December at 12 noon and will be streamed live from the official delegate centre at the UN negotiations.

Why not embed One Climate's Copenhagen Live 24/7 show on your site, too? Just copy and paste this html into your blog, website or mySpace: