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The most helpful you can possibly do for Team Stupid at this juncture is to organise your own screening of The Age of Stupid, and get as many people along to see it as possible. Organise an Indie Screening here, any time from 22nd May onwards.

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You can now follow The Age of Stupid on Twitter AND the Not Stupid campaign too. Tweet! 

Franny now has her own facebook profile (gasp!) if you'd like to sign up to be her friend there, although she's a bit ham-fisted and suspicious of the technology (even though she has a crackberry, oddly) so it's best to become a fan of the film instead:

Facebook fan page: you can publicise your Indie screening from here, and meet other fans etc

We're all over the Spanner Films Youtube channel with about a zillion different Stupid-related videos (need to get that trailer going viral on there..)

But for sexy high-res glossiness and a much more appealing user experience, see our Stupid Vimeo channel. Mmmmmm. Tasty.

If you're more of a Myspacer then yep, we've just got a film profile on Myspace too . Please be our friend. We promise to play nice. 

You can also find and join our group on One Climate, hook up with us on Do The Green Thing, and for all the youth out there, Franny wants to be your friend on Bebo too.

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If you'd rather do a bit of good old-fashioned real-world publicity, then you can now download an A4 printable version of the cinema poster at the bottom of this page.

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