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A selection of the 1200+ emails we received after the People's Premiere launched The Age of Stupid in the UK at 63 UK cinemas on Sunday March 15th.

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A huge cheer to TEAM  STUPID. What a great evening. You all pulled it off beautifully. Jaw-droppingly impressive as to how such a raft of fantastic ideas were so superbly executed. From the solar-powered tent to the camera phone pictures of the audiences, from the campaign packs to The Met Office guy rubber-stamping the science, from the ultra-low transport footprint to the Big If (not forgetting Pete's OBE etc...) and topping it all with the Maldives' challenge to us all. What a night. Thank you all for showing me a way through the rest of my life.  - Justin B

What a triumph. Impressed beyond belief. - Sarah E

I went to the Oxford première and what a night! Your film is AMAZING! I deliberately avoided finding out anything about it or watching any trailers beforehand, so didn't know the format of the film etc. The approach of the film is so fresh and non-preachy which I found the best thing. But what got me the most was that by the end of the film I was crying my eyes out. I found the whole thing so moving. It was like a wave that gradually built up before sweeping over me and then came crashing down (a bit like climate change really!). The way  the people in the film were portrayed was great. It really brought home the human, normal aspect of it. The people you portrayed were excellent choices - more than enough to prove that concern about climate change reaches further than politicians (in their rhetoric anyway), white middles class, hippie activists etc etc. This was normal people with strong family bonds that shared common concern and love for their family and the world we live in - not in a righteous way, but with a concern for those people and things that they love. The parts I found the most moving were; when the Iraqi boy spoke about his Dad and then his sister drew a love heart on her hand, when the wind farm developer spoke on the phone to his Mum, and when the old Frenchman got tearful on the camera. I have seen countless climate change, activist films etc  and none has moved me as much as yours. I had to try and be discreet when I could no longer hold back the tears, as I was without tissues and didn't want to ask my friends for any!! And then just as I had found my composure, Pete got up on stage and gave such a rallying, passionate plea, that I began all over again! - Thanks Pete! All the best for now and congratulations on a truly brilliant film. I look forward to "Our Stupid Government" if they don't take heed! - Ryan S

I attended the premiere on Sunday, what a massive impact that has had on me. I was already aware of most of the issues but it was the connecting of these and the realisation of the combined impact of our effect on our precious planet. I work for a large Corporate so I went back into the workplace on Monday filled with passion to make a difference and have set up a host of meetings to do just that. Just wanted to say a massive WELL DONE! I was at Greenwich Odeon and the film went down a storm. It was great being linked up to events in town and you got lots of cheers and claps. I was with some non-politically active friends who pledged there and then to march in December and to come to climate camp in a few weeks time – brilliant result! - Cath

What can we say? You left us normally loquacious lot speechless. It was BRILLIANT. The whole team worked like a smooth flowing super-efficient bunch of genii – at least that’s what it looked like! How DID you all do it? The carpet, The TENT!! The lights – what a rig... The getting the Minister there, on stage, facing him with the big question, terrific. Pete...well, Pete. Power. And you both so cool. As if you’d spent the weekend having beauty treatments. You were entirely clear, articulate, insistent, funny. Max respect - Scilla E. PS And did you know one of the greatest musicians EVER was in the back row? David Gilmour of Pink Floyd whose wife is an investor.

A massive well done to Lizzie and Franny. Last night was amazing. You both made a staggeringly powerful message.

Hello - my partner and I attended the Premiere this evening in Leicester Square.  Great turn out and congratulations on your amazing film.  What a fantastic achievement!!!!!!!! I hope your film will help to change attitudes and encourage people around the world to petition their governments to do something about how energy is being used, abused and produced. - Millie B

Bowl away today, that was an epic event. Cannot wait for spring of action and chances to power on with this call to arms tomorrow and onwards. - Rosie M

Huge congratulations to you and Franny for such a great film and fantastic premiere, absolutely brilliant! Can't wait to see it again. So many good things to say about it, I'll save those for people who haven't seen it. - Andy A

Brilliant film – you all deserve high praise and all the success so richly deserved. I’m sure you are all arriving at work elated and tired-out. - Carolyne DS

We had such a great time. From an outsider perspective I don’t think it could have gone any better . A feat of organisation and the film speaks for itself. Very well done both of you.  - Maria P

What a great event you put on last night. I was full of admiration for you both in leading the whole thing, and the way you pinned down Ed Milliband in a non aggressive but very forceful way. We spent 20 minutes with him at the party explaining why we had decided to put our money into the film – he seemed very interested to hear that we are just ‘normal’ middle class people who are not normally activists. We told him to be brave. The film achieves what you set out to- it makes you come out of that cinema determined that we must do something more radical. - Sally B

The film is so cool. I really enjoyed it. Are our piccies all over the newspapers? We really liked the action pack and the STUPID certificates are really cool. I wonder what Victoria would say if she got one of those in the post (THE STUPID ONE).  Walking up the GREEN CARPET was really weird and the paparazzi taking piccies of us was really cool. How did Franny cope with interviews in the morning? Dad was asked to sign some autographs!!  - Love Ursey (film star) [ed note – Piers the windfarmer's daughter, aged 13]

Firstly congratulations on the film, I finally got to watch it the other night. Just wanted to say thanks for a very uplifting film, it did not bash me over the head and tell me I had to turn off lights or recycle everything (which I nearly do anyway).  It just told me I need to take a stance and make my feelings known to make a difference. I know thats a bit simplistic but you know what I mean. And from one film maker to another, well done on an excellent film.  
Good luck with the release. - Rob M

Just a line to say a massive well done on yesterday's première(s), Awesome collection of people (politicians & celebs) to draw the media in - hope it gets the coverage & publicity it deserves. And it must be a mighty relief after the long journey getting up to yesterday. Sorry I was unable to hang around after the showing at the Prince Charles - but it seemed only fair, anyway, that all those who had worked so hard in the run-up to yesterday should have the fun. Hope today isn't too much of a "morning after" let down after the exhilaration of yesterday - enjoy the rest, you both deserve it. - Kevin A

Fucking great. Awesome. Inspiring. Love it.  - Monty W

Firstly, let me say, wicked! Thank you so much for making this fabulous film and taking the climate change conservation to a larger - and wider - audience! and i wish the continued stupid campaign every success. And sorry to say this, but i sincerely hope spanner films continue making movies that matter! (am saying this, as am sure you've said that you want to quit making films after this?) - Phil M

You were AB FAB on Sunday.  The Q&A was spectacular, and have had many a conversation with folks since all raving about the whole thing. I loved being a part of it and thought the Postlethwaite crew a grand lot. - Annie M

It's the cornerstone of the campaign towards Copenhagen. For me, The Age of Stupid is as close to a miracle as we could have wished for. Never before has climate change, or an issue as big as climate change, been put across in such a personal and genuine way.It's the most promising tool for social education and change before the UN climate talks in December - which will decide the most important piece of legislation of our civilisation. The best decisions will not be made unless climate change is high enough on the political agenda. If we all understood the true threat of climate change, it would be at the top of the list. Education is so important it's not true. This film is the perfect way to spread the message. Environmental NGOs and important people from all over the world are pouring their resources into Age of Stupid in the hope that it is seen by as many people as possible (the target is 250 million people - 4% of the world!) before December. If there's anything that will get people to understand the reality of climate change, it is this film. This is a glimmer of hope, this could be it. Combined with the not stupid campaign, it's all there. Rather than the information based academic approach of an inconvenient truth, this film is real. It's accessible, beautiful and brilliant. - Charlie Y
I just want to say a massive thank you for offering me the opportunity to be part of something so massively powerful. Before the film even premieres, you have created a movement that has brought people together in a way that no one else in the climate movement has done before. Despite the general message of doom about climate change, you have created a massively inspiring, positive energy around this film and the campaign. And it’s because you have worked with 100% honesty and integrity, an ability to see a “no” as a challenge not an end, and you have followed your dreams. - Love Cat D

I thought I'd email you to say 1) thank you for making 'The Age of Stupid' and 2) to inform you of some changes happening due to the film- I took my sister and her boyfriend to see it at Vue in Acton for the Premier last weekend. Hannah (my sister) has this week become the Energy champion at her work place and convinced her boss to make their cinema more green- they are participating in WWFs Earth Hour next Saturday. She is also trying to arrange a screening of your film there. Secondly, Hannah's boyfriend arrived yesterday after cycling from work on his new bike. I said 'So what's prompted the bike buying then Phil?' Reply: 'That bloody film!' (In a good way!!). So there you go, thought you might like to know. - Katie McA

I am late. I need to catch up with the wave of applauses and consent, yes thank you thank you and thank you again, it did open my hearth and heal it during and after the premiere last Sunday. The film is great, and the message is there from the beginning 4billion years versus 46 to 2055?! This is a message beyond the words, but how comes Ed Doesn't get it? Or it's us who don’t? All this week i have been thinking and watching, what was going to be different after? OK I am now bin diving to fish out whatever my flat mates are not recycling properly, sporting a little badge with the "i support solar". Next time abroad I’ll use eurolines instead of a plane... but If I look up, everywhere I go there are no solar panels on our roofs, doesn’t make a difference between Holland Park or Guildford, or Stoke Newington. - Silvio

You've been a bit of hero for me (and countless others obviously) since McLibel times so I just wanted to say Cheers and Good Luck with the Stupid / Not Stupid project. It felt like we were actually a part of something special, challenging and different sitting in Greenwich Odeon joining in with you all. -  Bless, Nic H

Just a quick email to congratulate you and thank you.  I gathered my 9 friends at Vue Islington to watch the premiere this evening and we had a great time - everyone was impressed and moved.  Bottom line - it starts with individual action and you have provided a perfect example of how to take something personal (i.e. your enthusiasm to spread the word about climate change) and make it contagious!  I hope I (and all your supporters) can do the same! - Kate L

I'm fed up with taking 'phone calls ....
1. "It's a wonderful and fascinating film."
2.  "If I were Queen I'd have the young women who made it in the Honours List."
3. "I'm ecstatic; have already emailed my son's school (City of London) to say they MUST show it to the pupils"
4. I've already contacted Simon Hughes M.P. about it."
5. "I'm going to show it in my local pub". (North London)
6. "I want it shown at party conference."
7. "It's heartening to see youngsters taking up the torch of fighting for good causes." 83 yr. old Katie
8. "Ces filles sont formidables.  Leur fraîcheur et leur passion sont epoustouflantes.  Merci de m'avoir embarquée dans la réalisation de ce film."

Loved the fact that Pete mentioned the government not listening to the people who marched against the Iraq war and also the pledges he made. Cheered the comments made to Ed Milliband.  The only drawback - I spent so much time discussing it on the 'phone on Monday I didn't have time to do my French homework for my class that night BUT, my teacher at City Uni told all the students to go and see it this weekend so we can discuss it at our next lesson.’ My admiration for you both is reaching embarrassing levels.  - Betty H

We had a full house with people queueing to enter from 5pm on the dot. Over 200 were there to attend an amazing event. The crowd included a great mix of young and old, aware and unaware and potentially some who were dragged there by concerned friends. With an excellent mix of speakers, including Jodie from UK Aware, Roger from Climate Camp and Jeremy from the Campaign against Climate Change we were sure that we could turn a substantial number of viewers into activists. While were hoping to get everyone to signup up as Not Stupid activitists the final tally of 76 seemed pretty good, and a number indicated they had already signed up. We did make sure everyone had an activist pack so fingers crossed the final tally will be higher.
Particularly interesting were some of the comments that came back from the audience:
- Excellent x 2
- Totally overwhelming x 2
- Good work. Keep going and spreading the word
- The film was excellent but Miliband showed quite how far the UK has to go
and of course:
- There are lots of 4x4's round my way. Can't wait to not get busy with my stickers
Biggest regular cheers were undoubtedly for Franny and Lizzie the largest single cheer was for Pete Postlethwaite. The biggest boo easily for was for Ed Miliband when he mentioned Carbon Capture and Storage twice - he really needs to make sure he understands the level of passion that exists for demonstrable emission reduction in the UK. So all in all a magnificent success and here's hoping it gets on general release, not just in London but around the UK and the world. Well done and I look forward to being of use again in the future. - Jeremy B

Well done so far, like you said after the film now the work begins - we can make the 250 million target! I have already personally spoken to over 100 people that will see the film later this month. You can't shut me up. Yours in absolute support of your work - Colette

Congratulations on a fabulous premiere event. Well done. I’m really proud of you and proud to be associated with you.  - James S

Many, Many, Many congratulations on The Age Of Stupid. I went to watch the wonderfully orchestrated premier in Shepherd’s Bush Vue, and enjoyed the afternoon immensely. I thought the film was truly incredible, both as a work of art and as an authority and inspiration in campaigning and rallying in the fight against climate change. I thought the choice of subjects (characters) were wonderfully selected and balanced against each other, and edited in such an intelligent fashion. I was deeply affected by the film’s content and conclusions, which gathered all the evidence swilling around in my head and in the media excellently. I particularly admired the graphic sequences which left me breathless, and the brilliant choice and programming of music. I hope, if momentarily, you are finding time to relax and enjoy your artistic genius after all this hard work, before, as you said on the day, ‘the hard work really begins’. Your movie makes me proud to be British, especially after the disgraceful Channel 4 ‘swindle’ documentary (good reference by the way, in the final sequence!), as I feel Age Of Stupid is going to be VERY VERY important. Thank you for making such an inspirational film. I haven’t stopped talking about it to every man and his dog, so hopefully it will spread like… like, the wildfires hopefully won’t as as a result! GOOD LUCK, best wishes, and see you in December!  - Benjamin B

WELL DONE! The youth premiere was blazing! Xxxx - Harley L

Congratulations to you and your red-hot team!   What a totally amazing night.  Fantastic ambush on Miliband too.   My fifteen-year-old twin sons J and F watched the film at The Fulham Vue for the first time and were both totally blown away.  They're now going to try and persuade their school to hold a viewing for all the pupils. - Rebecca

Well done Franny for everything - I felt a surge of empathy as you said you collapsed with exhaustion after the premiere. I've been mentally collapsing for you for the past few years! I was at the Youth Premiere which went v well (tho quite a lot of unbeatific jostling for pole position in the queue to get in the doors). I'm sending zillions of people to the Ritzy, so hope the viewing figures tot up well for this opening weekend. And yesterday discovered a fellow potter at my evening class is going with the whole of her dept from the Science Museum. She's one of the main people behind the big climate change exhib they're doing in 2011. - Sue

First – yesterday was amazing! We were in Wimbledon, and saw every second of the live feed from Leicester Square – and apart from some quite novel SciFi feedback FX of the like I’ve never heard live before (looked like you were hearing it too), it all worked brilliantly. The session after the film was riveting, especially putting Ed Miliband on the spot. That sounded like a commitment to ‘Low Carbon Growth’ that he made: I’ve yet to come across any decent definition of that – maybe that’s something that someone should make a film about...  (or Stupid Growth vs not Stupid Growth?). Huge thanks to all of you for everything. - Andy W
I am sure that you are probably having a well-deserved sleep right now and also have a full inbox but I would just like to express my awe at Stupid.  It is a truly brilliant film and you did an excellent job on the night - especially loved putting Ed Milliband on the spot, well done! I was at the Aberdeen showing and there was a definite buzz about it's hoped success. Many of the attendees were local activists, which was a brilliant opportunity for people to all get together and have a bit of a chin-wag.   - Carol-Ann C

Firstly, I went to your premiere in Bath and I wanted to say I thought the film, and the whole premier event, was brilliant. It's great to see people conveying a real sense of urgency about climate change and I thought the film got its message across in a very powerful way. And I loved watching Ed Miliband be put on the spot! Basically, I thought it was really inspiring to see everything you are achieving. - Isabelle and Megan

First of all may I just say what an awesome, thought-provoking, life-changing film The Age of Stupid is. I watched the premiere last night in Bath. - Chris

There was a great turnout with a large majority of the cinema filled in Birmingham, there was also a real buzz on the evening and a belief that this film will be part of a big movement and call for action. A lot of the cinema goers stayed behind to chat and ask questions and attendees were directed to the Age of Stupid and SCC websites to stay informed of the movement and find out what other activities/ action they could get involved in during the post-cinema speeches. The cooperation between Envision and Islamic Relief went very well and we could perhaps think of further joint actions in the lead up to December march. We were very impressed by quality of sat-link and made to feel part of people’s premiere. Rianne (Islamic Relief) & Andrew (Envision)

Well done you guys! We packed the Brum cinema even though Star City is way out in the boonies (think Las Vega) - & the manager is keen to rescreen. Go Franny! – we especially loved the Milliband sandwich ;-) Have a great night guys – don’t be too stupid. -  Ganga in Brum

Congratulations on a brilliant film (first time I've seen the final version and it's superb) - and on a fantastically successful evening. The London event was a miracle of organisation, not to mention 65 other events around the country! I loved seeing you both live (and a bit of Dan too). You handled the event superbly. In Bristol, I believe the Vue Longwell Green was sold out - someone said they saw a Sold Out sign - and as far as I could see all seats were occupied. Everyone got a bunch of Not Stupid handouts on the way in. We watched your green carpet interviews before the movie, and the proceedings in the tent after it with Miliband etc.  Everyone was fully attentive during all of that, and reacting appropriately from time to time with applause or groans or laughter. Then we had a few minutes address from the Woodland Trust and Transition-Bristol people. A couple of other activists jumped up and gave brief plugs for their organisations too. It all went according to schedule, finishing at 8.15 with everyone chatting to their neighbours.  If the premiere went so well everywhere else, then thousands of people had a great evening. Of course, as you say, this is a beginning. The way the premiere was tied to the launch of a campaign towards December was very powerful. So, a million congratulations on today's event. You can be very proud of what you achieved with the film and the premiere, and I feel privileged to be associated with it all. - Jerry C

Well done Franny.  I went to the premiere in Bristol with a couple of friends.  A lot to take on board but a compelling film brilliantly put together. Good luck with the Not Stupid campaign - lets hope we turn out to be not stupid as a species... - Julia B

Most fantastic-stupendous-amazing-brilliant-marvellous-heroic-wondrous-astounding-magnificent-splendiferous-exceptional-supercalifragilistic-etc. There's one for you two, the team, and of course the film. Big-time congratulations on getting all the way to this point. I really hope you manage to have a bit of a lie down at some point too! - Trenna C

Congratulations & thanks for a very powerful & energising film, which caused a great event here in Cambridge: Full house & a real buzz. Powerful speeches. A big crowd stayed behind to talk. Lots of new people engaged. Very good for interaction between different Cambridge organisations. Several new ideas for actions, co-operation, people to bring together. - TF

Brilliant night in Cambridge - sold out - people turned away - fantastic atmosphere - congratulations to all of you!

Alison and I went to the premier in Cambridge.  It was sold out, but we bought our tickets a couple of weeks ago.  We thought the film was excellent. The organization was also brilliant. I can see now why you were too busy to get to my party!  On the way out we came across a women (who lent us her pen) but had just come out of the bathroom in tears......such was the effect of the movie. I should have got your autograph while I had the chance! - Alec C

I was at the Carlisle showing – one of the premiere's smaller cinema  audiences ...the group that Mum got together, 9 of us, considerably boosted the seats filled. Anyway, I had taken lots of tissues, expecting to be crying a lot, and was surprised afterwards that only the Maldives' Prime Minister had me weepy. We all came back here (to Mum and Peter's house) afterwards, and there was quite a lot of discussion. I think everyone was quite shocked by the film. But it was only in bed that it really began to sink in, I couldn't get to sleep and got quite upset. I have a number of times in the past, but A o S really rammed it home again. It is a slow burner of a film, whose images and contradictions really only come to the fore once you've had time to digest and think about the stories and images. Mum brought me tea this morning and burst into tears on my bed. She had been up since 5am thinking about the film, and how we live, and getting upset. She and Peter were going to go to Nepal in a week, to see Peter's daughter who works in Kathmandu. Mum has decided not to go [non-refundable tickets and all]. The atmosphere in the house this morning feels a bit like we have all been to a funeral. And it IS a bit like that - I really think Mum and Peter have watched their lifestyle, preconceptions and framework for understanding their world, die. And as their daughter, it is unsettlingly like observing the loss of innocence that I imagine a parent experiences when they watch their children growing up. It is happy but also sad at the same time. But Mum and Peter (and I) aren't feeling (too) overwhelmed, but quite empowered. They have been given impetus. I think this film has acted as a tipping point. I have been banging on about this for years (quite ineffectively I realise), but the film acted to distill, and make stark, the totally misplaced and confused framework through which we value things. So I think there will be quite a few positive changes around here. So, all of that is just me wanting to talk to some others who have also seen the film (even helped fund it?), and let you know that it really hit the soul of this household. And that that is quite a strange experience! - Rebecca

What a goosepimply great night! I decided to volunteer to be a speaker for this film not really knowing what to expect. I had seen previews and the making of the film beforehand, and there was already a buzz in the air that this was going to be a really important moment in film history. It felt important to be part of it. The screening in Cheshire Oaks was a great success, around 100 tickets sold, despite a glitch in the on-line and telephone booking systems wrongly stating it had sold out. The build up before the film with the satellite links and attempting to take blurry camera-phone photos before hand gave us in the audience a real sense of coalition and purpose. And as for the film itself… Nothing else has ever made the issue clearer, the solutions more obvious, and the urgency more acute. Nothing else has ever shouted more loudly. I challenge anyone to watch this film and not feel compelled to take action. A quote from Rachel Frith, 14 years old “That was an amazing film - it made me want to get involved and do something. It was a real eye opener how people living in the most desperate situations still have the same dreams and aspirations that we do" (Photo attached.) And from Paul Mittler “Yes, it was a fantastically great evening and well worth the journey through most of Cheshire to get to Cheshire Oaks. As to the film itself, I thought it painted an apocalyptic catastrophic view of the future of the world.  We must hope that Copenhagen will be much stronger and much more effective than Kyoto was.  If it is not, the films vision of what 2055 will be like will happen sooner rather than later. To sum up, it was an extremely thought provoking film and many more people should see it.

Having listened to all the incredible speakers in the second satellite broadcast, seen the fear on Ed Miliband’s face, and the passion in Pete Postlethwaite’s, I abandoned my carefully rehearsed script on the night (papers went on the floor!) and went for a more personal heartfelt talk...about feeling afraid but positive and confident we can as a group take action. Also about the fact that it's actually a really exciting and inspiring time in the world and a real privilege to be involved in something as pivotal as this campaign. We must take every opportunity to be heard by our political leaders leading up to the meeting in Copenhagen. We need everyone to get on board and stay on board until the job’s done. As Ashok Sinha said at the NW FoE meeting in Preston, “they can’t ignore all of us!” - Dina B

I saw The Age of Stupid premiere yesterday in Edinburgh: frightening, sobering and challenging but I also loved the humanity conveyed in the film. It has left me in no doubt that the time to act on climate change is now. - John B

A big massive well done on the biggest climate change event in the UK ever!!!!!! I was speaking at the screening in Edinburgh, where we had 260 people. I've been supporting individuals and communities in planning and taking action on climate change in Scotland, for the last year and a half.  So it was amazing and inspiring to come from organising with peoples in their sitting rooms, church halls, community centres and climate camp to be then organising with 260 people in a massive cinema linked up to about 14,000 to 16,000 people UK wide! And the President of the Maldives of course. The ball is most definitely rolling! Together we must make sure we turn it into an avalanche. Keep up the great work and thank you so much for all the hard graft.  - Lorraine M

Dear Miracle Workers. Now I've run out of superlatives. Simply, an unforgettable evening. I was awake half the night thinking about it. The folks I took to Exeter were suitably moved and left the screening wanting to change their lives. Even go on the march in December! These were decent 'ordinary' people, not converted activists. The world seems a little different today, in the lovely spring sunshine. I'm so very proud of what both of you (and Team Stupid) have achieved, so far. And I'm honoured to have been involved. - Pete Y

Happy to report a great event in Hatfield Odeon. As you may have heard, the satellite connection went down at the start of the programme - and we were forced to have a Q & A / Get to know you session - which was great!  The audience of about 50+ were really fired up by the time the movie started. It was well-received. Not a standing ovation - but an ovation at the end, and then we saw all the speeches and questions from London as the satellite was working again at that stage. When that was over - the conversation continued in the cinema with a great Q & A session. - David W

The film was amazing. Saw it at The Light (Leeds) one of the sold-out cinemas. It was great to be "with you" at Leicester Square, and afterwards. Seemed like a brilliant event from start to finish. I went with a friend who does lots of flying (holidays) and she came away very thoughtful indeed. The film had a huge impact on her and I'll be very surprised if she doesn't change her lifestyle. Pete P was such a wonderful person for the role, though clearly he wasn't acting in this case. I hope you'll be able to relax, just for a little bit. I can't imagine how you kept going for all this time, under such pressure.... while looking relaxed! I'll be onto our local cinema (The Picturedrome, Holmfirth). The owner is already interested, and we'll do all we can to fill it. - Claire D

Again, very many congratulations. The timing for Stupid seems spot on. An incredible tool, in fact. Congratulations on a very successful record breaking Premiere from all of us at Newcastle under Lyme! We thoroughly enjoyed an admittedly extra-cinematic experience, it was like a three-course meal and perhaps can be done more often, with live link ups both to London and the Maldives! The £10 was definitely worth it! This area is one that is staring a very real BNP threat in the June 4th local elections - it is in the Stoke on Trent vicinity. We had a better than expected turnout of about a good 60 people in the end, which is great - but not many of those were students. I feel this is a great shame and wish I had promoted it in different ways now - since the largest university in Staffordshire was at the town's doorstep, Keele, which I’m an Economics & International Politics student at. - Ramu R

You were magnificent -- an awesome accomplishment yesterday!  You both looked relaxed, rested(!), assured and handled the whole thing with the deftness of touch that has for me become the defining quality of everything you have done so far.  You pushed Ed Miliband quite a long way, had complete control of the situation, and knew just when to ease off.  Brilliant! The audience were absolutely riveted by the film.  At the end, the cutover to Leicester Square was so slick and the synchronisation perfect, it was like being transported to the cinema tent and we felt a real sense of being part of that audience -- to the extent that there was clapping at the right moments and barracking ('rubbish') at some of the stuff Ed Miliband spouted.  The sense of engagement with the Premiere was palpable -- I have never experienced anything quite so intense in an audience that size.   And moments like Pete saying that he would hand back his OBE were electric! After the Premiere, most stayed for wine and canapes in the excellent bar/dining area at Cinema City, mixing and mingling until about 10pm.  Tremendous energy and excitement generally. Best Quote of the evening: "I feel I have shared in the making of history this evening -- such a privilege"  from the senior partner of a Norwich firm of accountants. Best Follow-up Offer:  "If Piers is going to have another go at the wind farm project, please put me in touch with him.  Bedfordshire is in my (European) constituency and I think we could help influence opinion and swing the local council".  This from Rupert Read, Green Party MEP candidate for East of England, Norwich City Councillor and sometimes lecturer in philosophy at UEA. Fondest Hope:  that the Labour MP present, Dr Ian Gibson, will take a strong message back to the Labour spin doctors and policy wonks that the position Ed Millband is in is now completely non-credible, untenable, so so out of tune with the Norwich populus, will cost him his seat and quite probably Labour the election if they continue to be so STUPID! Fond Hope 2: That Picturehouse will get brave enough now to put the film on for a decent run in Norwich (at least). - Anthony S

Oxford showing went well and we juggled the speakers well considering there were 2 more that we initially expected!  We continued Q&As in a local pub and a few of my groups have pledged to do a ‘Not Stupid’ campaign in their local areas.

I am speechless-------amazing--------well done !!! - Claire A

As you know we were sold out in Plymouth - last three tickets sold on the day. Lots of clapping and cheering at the beginning, and understandably less clapping, but more debate and conversation at the end. Instead of questions we got people to chat to someone they had never met about the hopes fears and actions as a result of the film - this created a good buzz. Some of the children found it difficult and it might be a nice idea if there was a more child focused website or leaflet that could help them see the positive and how they can make a difference.

I just want to say thank you. Sometimes, speaking to people as one does, it's very easy to feel alone and desperate to convince without being too scary. I try, and fail, and just fall back on scary. It drives people away.  Now, I haven't seen your film yet, but just the title - what a gifted idea and so perfect. Thank you. I don't care what your film is like (as long as it works). Just the title gives me hope because it says everything I feel. The incredulity, the fear, the hope that we will wake up in time.... Grow up in time? This is the bit that I find worrying - for the first time ever our species is being presented with a 'next level' threat. We have got bored with conventional Armageddon’s staring down the barrel at us but physical strength has always been enough to remove the problems. Fire enough arrows at the right time. Sacrifice enough young men and hope it works. Now, we are being presented with a threat that requires us to grow up, and that's what frightens me. Force we can do, no problem - but maturity? Husbandry? Caring? We're in trouble. Hence, the genius of the timing of your the name of your film.  Just that, just the name. If the film is as good as the name then maybe there's hope. If not -buy shotguns, plastic sheeting, disposable lighters and canned food.   - Bruce L

Congratulations on an excellent occasion. The film was received fantastically warmly in Staines, and the whole event was great fun to be involved in.

I just wanted to congratulate you on yesterday's People's Premiere. We watched it at the Lowry in Manchester, and were all deeply affected by what we saw. It's a moving and compelling film and I for one am grateful to you all for having had the courage and tenacity to make it. I agree with Red Ken, everyone should be made to sit down and watch it! On that score, for our part we've already been planning our own screenings and aim to get it shown to small groups as far apart as Manchester and Vienna. Your efforts have the power to turn each and every
one of us into a Not Stupid Individual, and we shall do our utmost to help make that happen. Thank you! - Rick T

Well well well well done on your fab film and you and Lizzie's great management of the events on Sunday - you did a great job holding your own with all the celebs and then well done for confronting Ed Milliband!!  Reed was clapping away in full support!!! (as was I, but not in such a forceful way!!!). The film was wonderful, so glad to finally see it.  And the Portsmouth cinema was packed - can't wait to hear how many people turned out for it all over the country. Congratulations on such a major achievement, not only making a great film, but the impact it will have is so phenomenal, more so than Al Gore's for sure.  Basically well done for having such a huge impact on saving life as we know it!! We (as predicted) have spent the time since discussing how we get our windturbine put in for real, (has been hypothetical to this point) and Reed has now cancelled our flight to Spain (so pleased as I didn't want to go anyway!) and now booking boats instead (more fun with kids for sure).  Can't wait to see how massive the film will be. - Julia P

I loved the film… The urgency of the climate tipping point is profound and hardly known…I am changing our business model as a result… I can’t believe Sundance didn’t pick this up…but I am certain the film will reach 250 million. Great job on holding Ed Milliband to account… - Reed P

Finally, at last something to make people sit up and think - I loved The Age of Stupid, not because i'm new to climate change but because i've been banging my head against a wall for so long to the 'conveniently ignorant'.   Your film was amazing and from the sell out event at the Vue in Portsmouth last sunday i'm sure many more think so too. You MUST get it into the rest of the community, schools, youth groups, church groups, even if it means free copies you must get this to the young. I went into work on the 16th excited about the film and my colleagues looked at me with the usual glazed look when I start talking about environmental issues and carried on with their work.  They are not young! - Anita C

I just want to thank you from the deepest part of my soul for making the film and the inevitable profound positive consequences. Thirteen years ago an old medicine man shared some maps of the world which looked different than the ones we are accustomed to viewing. They were from visions of the future...2025. His prophecies about the 'Earth Changes' are not dissimilar to those of James Lovelock. It was how humanity responded and reacted towards each other that REALLY horrified me... I vowed to do everything I could to contribute to a different story. Eden seems to be an appropriate platform. The Age of Stupid is a magical calling card to the evolution of our consciousness. - Richard G

Spellbinding, awesome, gutsy, "in your face with a smile". Reputations and careers will be made and ruined by Not Stupid campaign (and movie) - and that's exactly how it should be. - Ben B

I watched your film at a packed screening at Eden. It was excellent, I was really impressed how you pulled together all of the overlapping issues surrounding energy. You did a brilliant job, well done to all involved.

Absolutely FANTASTIC and even though I am well schooled on the problems this planet is facing - it kept me interested from start to finished and I found it totally inspiring, need to do more - a little is not enough !

WELL DONE – you were amazing. Wish I’d been with you... and ...Maidenhead went very well I think. Plenty of cheering and emotion.  - Dave H

Congratulations on the launch, it was obviously <insert superlative of preference here> fantastic.  I watched from a full Odeon in Tunbridge Wells, and thoroughly enjoyed the event – one can’t say the film itself is enjoyable, but then we wouldn’t want it to be really would we?  Effective, striking, and hopefully galvanising. I hope we get a few screenings along the south coast – I was totally amazed (and disappointed) the premiere didn’t score a venue in Brighton, for example, being the home to so many greenies and alternative-types.  And it’s not listed to show there yet, either, which is both a pain and a worry.  Maybe my $10K will help towards getting it ‘out there’ a bit more.  Fingers crossed! Brilliant job, well done, and thanks for fighting and pushing and all the work you must’ve put in for The Cause – our planet’s future!  You couldn’t have picked a more worthy aim – and possibly a harder target. - Tony TS

Your film changed my life completely, it's hard and scary but I've been converted to full on activist status! - Steve

What a brilliant event tonight. I was in a full theatre in Tunbridge Wells with four friends and the audience was spellbound throughout. The film gets better every time I see it. The links to what you were doing in Leicester Square were perfect and all that you both said was just right – Peter too. The only one who was decidedly uncomfortable was Milliband – and deservedly so, but at least he had the courage to come. You must feel very happy indeed and you certainly deserve to. I suspect that you have inadvertently started a revolution which will not go away – congratulations. I have been waiting to meet up with you for a specific reason but I did not want to bother you until this milestone was past. As it is I am off to Australia (flying guiltily) till early April when I will try to make contact. Best wishes, and thank you for being who you are. - John W

Just thought I’d say how much my wife and I enjoyed The Age of Stupid premiere in sunny scunny yesterday. The whole event was a powerful experience (my wife works for the MET office too so she was thrilled to see suitable representation for such a subject!) - Chris W

Brilliant film, brilliant premiere evening and amazing when Pete said he'd return his OBE if this government went ahead with Kingsnorth! What a great film, I'm going to tell everyone I know to go see it. A very, very welcome boost forward for the debate in this country. Now let's get on the streets! - Stephen H

As a volunteer member of 3 environmental groups nr Inverness, Highlands, I remember just 4 weeks ago seeing a flurry of emails about a film Age of Stupid, an environmental must see. Information was sketchy but at meetings it was decided to try for a table/presence at the cinema (Eden Court Inverness) and as I had the time and could, I contacted Eden on behalf of those groups.  It was clear that other groups had the same idea and Eden Court was delighted when I volunteered to act as coordinator between all groups and Eden Court……..this was clearly the best decision I have taken in many years!  Word was put out and soon I found myself the hub of 12 environmental groups networking, making new friends, passing ideas, and making plans for joint meetings and film showings in the future. I launched a new Transition Town Project to get local people to help build a viable food seed bank in Inverness for when the food distribution network cashes post oil, and fed it out through this very new and inter enviro network……..low and behold I have had offers of space/land, seed storage facilities and 3 independent groups doing seed storage on a small scale made contact all within a week! We now have the following groups attending AoS for the whole week 20th to 26th – Trees for Life, Friends of the Earth Scotland (Inverness & Ross), Transition Town Inverness, Transition Black Isle, Transition Town Forres, Highlands & Islands Green Party, Ross-shire Waste Aware Network (RoWAN), Energy Saving Advice Centre Highlands & Islands, Highlands Environmental Network (TBC), The Findhorn Foundation (TBC). So the Age of Stupid film has brought together local environmental groups from a wide area some of whom didn’t know the others existed, representatives from different groups attending meetings of other groups to listen and share ideas, a new network of like minded friends who are now discussing the possibility of an autumn gathering of all local groups in one place for tea/coffee and a chin wag! Imagine then the friendships that will forge every evening when these groups meet at the showings to talk to filmgoers; the optimism here in Inverness is exciting and electric. - Chris

Many thanks for the constant flow of emails and info; its been a great pleasure to see the `stupid` snowball slowly gaining momentum to the point where it is now unstoppable! After last May’s showing at the Curzon I was so knocked out I thought then that this may well be bigger, more important than perhaps, even you, ever imagined, and it’s sure looking that way now. It also gives me a buzz of pride to see James’s animation work whizzing round the Internet and news channels! We`re seeing the premiere at our local cinema and have got all friends and family going. I took a cinema poster to James’s old school and told the head all the background; they have a senior pupils eco committee who are really going to get their teeth into this, especially with the kudos of having a former pupil directly involved. So from local schools to national governments its having an increasing effect. So, best of luck for the premiere (luck doesn’t really come into it - this film is a fantastic achievement!) - Mike F

I saw the web stream after your premiere screening on Sunday in Cardiff.  Good.  You all deserve praise (and hugs if welcome).  I thought Pete was very good too. Mr Milliband does not quite (!) seem to get it yet ! - Martin P

Oh, what a première.  My daughter and I were in the Bristol Vue venue.....and bowled over.  Despite being an organic farmer, campaigner, politically active in farming world, I was still shocked.  Very shocked.   Not least at how easy it is to not be active in pursuing defence of our world through personal action.  The world is run by those who turn up, someone once said, so now we have to turn up. Now, well I think my only action is to enact what I know to be the right and planet saving diet - raw food vegan.  You will probably be so yourself as this is such a carbon saver.  Believe me! I wish you all success, and commend you, Franny and all your team for everything - you are all stunningly committed and wonderful people. - Oliver D

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -



Tonight I, my husband, and my 10 year old daughter were part of the global screening of The Age of Stupid.  What utter, simple, brilliant work.  To be so suddenly and powerfully presented with the clear responsibility of my generation ...  words cannot possibly express what this does to one's body, mind and spirit.  Truly.  I thank you all for your faith, brilliance, vision, humor, and love.  Let's do this together. - Karen H

Saw "The Age of Stupid" tonight. Blew my mind, I highly highly highly recommend you see it and then do something about climate change NOW!

Goodness, sadness, anger; such a range of emotion is difficult to evoke, and #AgeofStupid has done it! A movie, yes - a wake up call

Just back from seeing @ageofstupid. I will sell my car in a few weeks.

wow. at the screening of @ageofstupid and delightfully inspired

What a compelling film and interactive global event. We cannot rely on our corporate leaders for change. WE have to be those leaders, movers and shakers. The time is imminent, and I expect to see millions globally hitting the streets to demand change from the Copenhagen summit.

 Watched the movie in florida tonight and it was purely an awakening! Thanks to all the people who worked on it! I am going to be spreading the word and be taking some action! We all can do something! We all NEED to do something!
What an incredible film!!! Just saw it in Los Angeles. I am so moved. Thank you for making this film! I want everyone to see it and make sure Copenhagen happens!!

 Just got home from the premier of The Age of Stupid, in West Palm Beach, Florida....I have never seen such a moving screening. I believe that there is something we all can do. My friends and I do what we can to help the environment, more can be done ...and we want to get people together to change things in our area. We want to get colleges together to screen this video. We too are college students and we don't want to just leave this issue alone. Thank you
I just saw this in Austin! It's a clear and present danger to us all!

Absolutely fantastic loved the funky homespun local rally feel - VERY HUMAN! watched in California

Had an awesome time at todays Green Carpet for Age of Stupid premiere in NYC. great film..must see!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Letter from Denmark
Yesterday evening was NOT stupid! The green grass substituted the red carpet and party leaders, celebs, artists, key journos and CPH environmental mayor arrived at the spectacular Tycho Brahe Planetarium to see the premiere of Age of Stupid. 600 invitations were out and 238 seats out of 240 were confirmed! The cinema was full. We showed the audience beautiful pictures from Greenpeace's Arctic expedition and introduced the growing range of NGO's supporting the film in Denmark. The excitement in the room was massive.

After the film we served the best climate friendly food and sparkling wines. The national TV2 news channel did live interviews with the key guests, being party leaders and celebs. Also our video teams did interviews and asked people to send a clear message to Lars Løkke Rasmussen (PM) and also to send a call for people to attend the big public demo at CPH the 12. december. This material we'll benefit from on social media that we'll push the next days. Løkke will feel the heat from these voices on facebook, YouTube, our homepage and more.

More than hundred people signed a great "Not Stupid" art piece that we'll also deliver to our prime minister. Kofi, Radiohead, Franny and Pete were also with us on the big screen and the evening ended up with DJ Master Fatman, a national icon, playing his music. We left happy and i'm sure the film has got a kick in the a.. by this solid, sparkling and impressive Greenpeace arrangement.

All the best, Henrik


Blog from The Himalayas
From the Greenpeace satellite team who trekked up into the Himalayas to provide the live satellite link to New York and then to the world

After weeks of work by Cedric against the inpenetrable Indian bureaucracy - which is intended to thwart all but the most patient people - we got the go ahead in one of our preferred locations for the live shoot. The one permission we forgot though, was from Shiva the owner of these mighty mountains, who made everything near-impossible weather-wise. I think Shiva had a word to the satellite gods too though, as they decided to block our video stream several days before and not even Gianluca himself could appease them.

So It's 6 hours before we go live, New York are ready to do the test link but I still have no functioning satellite, a monsoonal downpour is closing in and there's still 2000m to climb from Manali to Rohtang, really not looking good. But this is when our friend the rainbow spirit must have had a word with Shiva. As we climbed and climbed one of the highest road passes in the world, we left the storms below us and the dawn opened up with the pure himalayan sunshine. Just in time, quickly setting up the gear, I attain the strongest Bgan signal I've ever seen, and I'm able to stuff that link with high quality video, right as I hear "go himalayas" from the control room in NY, our celeb [Shekhar Kapur, director of Elizabeth] starts his spiel and I hear the applause come back through the link. I honestly can't believe everything came together like this. it really was a moment.

After this we're on quite a high, especially our celeb who has sucked down most of our oxygen and was consequently quite lyrical for the next live link to 11 million Indian breakfast TV viewers. I think the best quote was from Shekhar Kapur himself, after the gig (and on the third bottle of oxygen) when he said "I didn't know greenpeace could do this stuff, you guys walk the talk".

This was really a magnificent effort from the Indian team, and all players in New York, Amsterdam, Indonesia.
Cheers, John

-> Shekhar Kapur's blog about the trip:
-> Himalayas team on the Indian news, watched by 11 million people (!):


Letter from The Alps
From Fernand, the French mountain guide in the film, who watched in his local cinema in Chamonix
Congratulations, your film has had a big success here around Chamonix. I quote the local newspaper this Sunday: "and after the applause at the end of the movie, the conversation between Fernand and the audience was very intense... and people were very moved and impressed...". You and Lizzie have done an amazing job and I am so happy that I gave a little participation in your environment movie: THANK YOU. We were thinking about you for the NY premiere. It's gonna be a big hit. Love Fernand & Nicole

Letter from Hungary
8 NGOs cooperated in order to promote the film and create a campaign, called Not Stupid. Our mission is if people come out from the film and they are depressed we would like to be there saying don’t be stupid! We organized the premier on the 22th of September with green carpet and a lot of celebrities (20) including actors, musicians, TV-stars, climate scientists and politicians (minister of environment etc.). Even the Head of the Copenhagen delegation, our Climate State Secratary was present.  People could walk through grass to the screening room and come out on sand representing climate change. It was great to see how the movie touched people. What is also great is that the movie can now be seen in cinemas in Budapest. We invite the Hungarian media and of course the tabloids, photographers and video-makers who can help us to communicate our common message to TV-News, Daily News and naturally to the everyday people. After the film we hold a cold buffet with Fair Trade products; like coffee, tea, sweets and wine. We put our petition on a big board hold by two polar bears which could signed by the people there. Two famous actors gave speeches before and after the film.

Dóci Gabriella

Letter from Russia
The premier here was more modest and calm in comparison with other countries but we take a risk despite the fact that Russian cinemas and Film Company worried a lot that nobody will come. They were wrong! It went well. We had also invented a nice badge for all the people that came to see the film. People really loved and keep asking us in our blog where thay can take it. As there is no ads in Russia about the film people will use it to promote “Age of stupid”. We will also sent the copy of the film to our President Medvedev as we have mentioned it the press release.
-> Russian TV piece:


Letter from Delhi
I am still getting over the green carpet premiere of AOS last night in Delhi, after deciding that we will be getting involved on the 14th of September finally managing at least a months workload in a weeks time was a big challenge but the team managed it pretty smooth, the venue was a posh south Delhi multiplex called PVR which has a seating capacity of 422 people,  after a couple of days of promotions, 100 posters put up across Delhi, print ads in the two leading English dailies, promotions on radio, non stop slogging for a week we were ready for the Big day.

A green carpet was laid at the venue with 10 volunteers running the show on ground, the guests started pouring at 6:30, among the vips we had director Shekhar Kapur who had given a message the same morning to New York from Rohtang pass, among other guests were also, co director of slumdog -luvleen tandon, photographer Raghu rai with his family, Jaya jaitley, ex climate negotiater and advisor with the planning comission on energy-surya sethi, a barrage of NGO's school principals, our cyber activists, supporters, friends and colleagues all added up to around 320 people occupying the Auditorium 4. 

It started with Shekhar Kapur sharing about his morning experience at the himalayas, which was followed by a one minute footage of his morning message to UNGA, then the film took over, i could only see the film in parts as i had to step out of the auditorium frequently to ensure reactions of people leaving midway but in end i did hear a huge round of applause for the movie. For me the highpoint of the day was, volunteers running the show on ground and our Fund-raising team were the guests of honor.


Bad news from Honduras
I'm the person in charge of the AOS screening in Honduras, Central America. We were ready to present it in four different locations and free of charge to the general public. The venues were pier in a small caribbean island (Utila), a university in a coastal town, an artsy bar & a beautiful museum in Tegucigalpa. All of the owners and managers agreed to show the movie voluntarily. Now, because of the political instability and the human rights violations that have not ceased since yesterday (link to the BBC and an independent newspaper provided below), we are forced to draw back from the event.

The "de facto" government have set up a nationwide curfew until 6 pm, but will likely extend until tomorrow and who knows when. Independent tele and radio stations have been cut off, roads blocked, tear gas, "rubber" bullets and a handful of thousands disarmed people who are resisting are painting a heartbreaking canvas. It is disgraceful. Truly.

Hey thanks for making such a film and distributing freely across the world. People like you, in times like this, are a source of inspiration. We will present your film once the situation improves.  Best of luck and my very best wishes for the rest of the world presentation.

Sincerely, Helder

Letter from Slovakia
How are you doing? im still having a huge sleep deficit. yday we did the age of stupid premiere + discussion - it was really successful and the place was crowded. 


Letter from Vanuatu
We just finished our screening at Nambawan Cafe's seafront open air cinema in Port Vila, Vanuatu - one of the first pacific island countries to have to relocate villages due to climate change - to a standing ovation! Thanks for a fantastic night!

Letter from Australia
Rather dramatically as the climate conference and world AOS premier were happening in NY, here in Australia we had a massive dust storm; caused by years of drought and overfarming no doubt - huge winds from the west picked up all the dust on its way through and dumped it all on us on the east coast - great pics here, Ade

Letter from Chile
Dear Franny, I just got back from seen your film, here in Chile, South America, isn't it amazing? there were no more than 50 people in the room, however I'm sure The Age of Stupid had a huge impact on all of us. I'm a teacher and I will do as much as I can to show this film to the largest number of people, it is must for those who still don't get it. Thank you for that amazing job. You're not alone in this world.

Love, Veronica Gonzalez

Letters from Thailand (with elephants)
Over 500 people, including 5 well known thai celebrities from music and movie industry, representatives from Thai royal family, journalists and tv crews, supporters, staff and their families along with friends from our alliances braved the thunderstorm and heavy rains to watch the premiere of Age of Stupid at Siam Paragon’s Royal Pavalai theatre.

We also used the opportunity to show a short film on Chang(e) caravan that was followed by welcome remarks by Shai, Tara and Scott Stuart (thai translator of the film) and a climate activist. Our guests also had the opportunity to interact with Greepeace staff and sign the AOS action pack, our petition to Obama and network with tcktcktck allies. The overwhelming presence of expats and regular movie goers proves that the pre-publicity done by our number 1 comms team, was very effective.
I was personally pleased that most of our Chang(e) crew and its international guests (shepo, cho and shane) were also able to join the team. We will make sure that the caravan crew that stayed behind to take care of our fellow travelers and great friends the elephants get an opportunity to watch the movie as well. A number of you pitched in to make this event happen, despite the busy schedule, limited budgets and absolutely stretched human resources. Thank you all, I am sure the AOS team appreciates your efforts and so many more people will probably be less stupid.

Best, Shai

Hi Lizzie, I got a full page spread up in the north of Thailand in the equivelent of the News of the World about the screening plus notes out to a lot of people, give me your address, I have a copy I can send to you.  All the way leading upto the screening they ran the trailer inscessantly.  They also ran a series of discussion groups live on air prior to the event giving background to the whole issue of global warming so that when it was shown people at least had some background.
I have watched the world of media change so much over the last ten years, who would have thought I would be shooting HD using a stills camera! or filming onto disks the size of my thumbnail. The barriers for entry into filmaking are down,  it is now more than ever  'do you have an idea or something to say' there is nothing else to stop you. Nowhere has this been encapsulated better than what you have achieved with Age of Stupid and the setting up of indiescreenings. 

I salute you.

Letter from Paris
Dear all, The premiere at La Géode in Paris was clearly a success. It was perfect for the audience to assist to the AOS screening at La Géode "a giant disco ball theater" : perfect adequation between topic and place. 400 people hastened to the screening and stayed for the satellite link event. It couldn't be more exciting. Our speech was well listening and we collected hundreds signatures for our Ultimatum Climatique petition. Good game !


Letter from Tokyo
The Tokyo Premiere went smooth.  I have word from Ms. Ogawa of T-Joy 144 attended the 148 capa cinema.  Just 4 off from a sell out.  Not bad, not bad for the real tight ad time.  There was clapping at the end and Ms. Ogawa says quite a few viewers walked down the 9 floors from the cinema deep in thought.

Comments from friends are still to come. Ms. Baba, Secretariat of the Sloth Club reports the film was packed and moved real fast, maybe a bit too fast for the slothful sort.  But the personal stories were real good. Ms. Seguchi of Friends of Earth - Japan reports this was more than a "climate change" movie more like a "limits to growth" movie. And Tetsunari Iida, the authority in renewable energy in Japan has the following comment.

"What we thought was “correct” at that time, at that place with our nearsighted views, turns out to be absolutely “stupid” in the long-term, on the scale of the Earth’s
time" this is the point thrust upon us by this film." - Tetsunari Iida (head of the Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies in Tokyo)

Good winds to all,

Letter from Amsterdam
Dear Franny and Lizzie,
What an UN-BE-LIE-VABLE evening.... What a gentle power, convincing conviction and humble dedication was talking to mankind from that simple stage in NY. You both did a wonderful job there. I saw coureageous strong women, I saw a new generation that is going to midwife our species into a new era. Big words, but I was moved to tears really, like many, many in the big cinema hall. The director of X, a well-known airline, who was present too, literally just sms'd to me: "It makes me think: shouldn't we ground all our planes today?"

Bank directors, big pension investors, soapies, famous rock bands, they were all there -and after the film had ended there was a emotional silence in the room. And then applause (quite un-Dutch!). I gave a speech afterwards and there was absolute, absolute silence (not so much because of me I guess, but because people were really moved, their heart was touched -and that is were any change comes from. Both my daughters (17 and 14) and my son (30) and my old mother (83) were in the cinema yesterday. They told me they now even better understand why I am and act like I do.

warm, warm, warm regards!
Maurits Groen

-> Netherlands roundup with great shots of the real green carpet, the electronic goods being handed in as people arrive and the specially chartered tram for the premiere:
-> Netherlands very own youtube channel: