Watford: VUE

15 March 2009

VUE @ Woodside Leisure Park

Woodside Leisure Park, North Orbital Road , Garston, Hertfordshire, WD25 7JZ

Read all about the world record beating People's Premiere here.

Normal film premieres are glitzy and exclusive, with nobody invited except VIPs - but the People's Premiere is different: VIPs, IPs and plain old Ps are all welcome to the world's first INclusive film launch. Featuring synchronised screenings at a staggering 60 different cinemas across the nation. With a solar-powered cinema tent pitched in London's Leicester Square, the People's Premiere is also the planet's first truly green film premiere - no greenwash allowed.

Emma Trickey

Emma Trickey

Emma Trickey is 23 and  works for Peace Child International . She is a young activist working on raising the profile of Youth Views. Peace Child International works to educate and empower young people to be the change they want to see in the world. Climate Change is something that Peace Child has been taking to heart in the past years and are pleased to be a member of the Stop Climate Chaos Coalition.

The importance of giving a voice and empowering young people can not be underestimated in regards to Cliamte Change as it is this very demographic that will have to deal with it for the longest time. It is a world we did not create but we will have to take a stand a work hard to pick up the pieces of this broken world we are left to bring our own children up in.

So to find out more about Peace Child International and how you can become part of the Stop Climate Chaos movement and giving young people that all important voice then come and ask Emma and she will give you all the information you need to know.

John Quill

The Rev'd John Quill is a Church of England clergyman living and working in a parish in Hemel Hempstead; he earns his living as a self-employed management consultant. He is married to Samantha and has two (grown up) children, two grandchildren and two stepchildren

He is Vice Chair of the Diocese of St Albans Board for Church and Society and is an active member of the Board's Environment Group that engages the Church and others in matters to do with the environment; John tries hard to deliver the message that these matters are urgent and need addressing now! At a practical level he and Samantha try to practice this message by driving as little as possible, using bicycles or walking, signing the "low fly" pledge, recycling what they can, and generally banging on about the environment to everyone around them!

John is keen on the Transition Town model and believes the Church of England's parish structure lends itself to helping establish local, resilient communities where we can support each other through whatever changes we are facing as the climate changes us. He is also interested as a priest in how climate change, peak oil and associated issues can help us face religious and spiritual questions about our mortality as individuals and as a society  – about what's important in our lives and how to find and contribute to meaning and purpose.
John Quill

5.00PM Green carpet arrivals
5.30 Doors open at cinemas, local speakers
5.45 LIVE satellite link-up from green carpet&solar tent
6.00 The Age of Stupid (90 mins)
7.30 LIVE satellite link-up from solar tent: Q&Awith filmmakers and launch of campaign by Pete Postlethwaite
8.00 Local speakers in each venue
8.15 ENDS

Please note all these details are still provisional, as there's many a slip twixt cup and lip, and nobody's ever pulled off something quite like what we're planning before...

For more details on the Leicester Square event, click here