Hatfield: ODEON

15 March 2009

ODEON @ The Galleria

The Galleria, Comet Way , Hatfield, AL10 9TF
0871 22 44 007

Read all about the world record beating People's Premiere here.

Normal film premieres are glitzy and exclusive, with nobody invited except VIPs - but the People's Premiere is different: VIPs, IPs and plain old Ps are all welcome to the world's first INclusive film launch. Featuring synchronised screenings at a staggering 60 different cinemas across the nation. With a solar-powered cinema tent pitched in London's Leicester Square, the People's Premiere is also the planet's first truly green film premiere - no greenwash allowed.

David Woolcombe

Rosemary Bland

I have been to the last two Climate Camps and have been amazed at the scale and style of the organisation. I have learnt an awful lot about human nature and the potential of creating a better and more rewarding society. It is a myth that our high carbon lifestyles are the only way to enjoy life.

People in the UK are no happier now than they were 50 years ago, so why trash the planet for no REAL gain?

I am also involved in the Transition Town movement which is another very inspiring and positive response to climate change as well as Peak Oil.

5.00PM Green carpet arrivals
5.30 Doors open at cinemas, local speakers
5.45 LIVE satellite link-up from green carpet&solar tent
6.00 The Age of Stupid (90 mins)
7.30 LIVE satellite link-up from solar tent: Q&Awith filmmakers and launch of campaign by Pete Postlethwaite
8.00 Local speakers in each venue
8.15 ENDS

Please note all these details are still provisional, as there's many a slip twixt cup and lip, and nobody's ever pulled off something quite like what we're planning before...

For more details on the Leicester Square event, click here