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    The Age Of Stupid is the new cinema documentary from the Director of "McLibel" and the Producer of the Oscar-winning "One Day In September". This enormously ambitious drama-documentary-animation hybrid stars Oscar-nominated Pete Postlethwaite as an old man living in the devastated world of 2055, watching "archive" footage from 2007 and asking: why didn't we stop climate change while we had the chance?


Franny headshot     Former drummer Franny Armstrong accidentally became a filmmaker. Her no-budget, ten-year doc, "McLibel" has been watched by 22 million people and featured in the BFI's "Ten Documentaries Which Shook The World" season. She also made Drowned Out (the fight against India's Narmada Dam) and Baked Alaska (melting ice in America's coldest oil state). Since 2004, she's been filming her new climate change epic, "The Age of Stupid", in Nigeria, India, New Orleans, Iraq, The Alps and Bedford.


    18 Feb 2008: Pete Postlethwaite stars in climate change documentary



Channel 4 News


Channel 4 News

A really positive piece about the new breed of eco-docs, include ours,
Al Gore's and Leonardo DiCaprio's. Not bad company eh?


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It's the Climate, Stupid - Red Pepper Apr/May 2008

In a great double spread, Red Pepper talks of Franny, Lizzie, Pete and the backbone that are our investors of The Age of Stupid.

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"Film financing per napkin sketch" TAZ.DE

Crowd funding "is setting the cash-strapped do-it-yourself media world on fire".


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English Translation


SLNN.COM 25 February 2008

Second Life News online features The Age of Stupid's Second Life sneak preview.

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MovieScope Magazine

Double page spread about the film in a movie mag, with embarrassing photos aplenty.

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Ham & High 3 January 2008

Some positive local advertising in North London. Click the image to enlarge, or read the online article below.

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Positive Youth News


Positive Youth News 28 October 2007

The Autumn edition of Positive Youth News promotes the search for Crude's financial 'angels'.

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Channel 4 Website 11 October 2007

FourDocs editor Charlie Phillips waxes lyrical about the film and the website.
"'s a really really exciting way to build up a head of steam about your documentary..."

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Camera Focus - Sony HD in Production 9 October 2007
Spanner Films arms itself with HVR-Z1Es and HVR-A1Es supplied by PEC Video to complete Crude, a hard hitting documentary about oil and climate change.

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Interviews - Friends of the Earth, 1 August 2007
Franny Armstrong, the director of McLibel, is making a new genre-busting film; Crude is big, ambitious and probing...







Digging For Truth - British Film Magazine, 9 July 2007
Documentary fans wait breathlessly while, presumably, oil execs quiver at the prospect of a McLibel-type grilling...




10 Documentaries That Shook The World - Sight & Sound magazine (front cover!)
McLibel pays testimony to the determination of environmental campaigners Dave Morris and Helen Steel to clear themselves of Libel charges.





Docs Crusader Raises New Capital - Netribution 27 January 2007
Crusading documentary filmmaker Franny Armstrong is seeking a second capital injection for her latest global project, a film about global warming. She has been working on the new film with Oscar-winning Producer John Battsek for the last 18 months. The film is destined for theatrical release.

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