Persuade A Pal

Wanna help Crude without kissing goodbye to a penny of your own cash? Know someone with a few quid burning a hole in their pocket? This page is the answer to your problems.  

    Dear ,
    I'm writing to you because, as we both know, you are a generous heartedtight fisted individual who fights tirelessly for the environment.doesn't give a shit about anything.


    While browsing the interweb for organic gardening tipsmore porn today, I came across a breathtakingly brilliantslightly ropeywebsite about a new film, 'Crude' which sounds like a must-see turkey.


    Apparently we only have seven years left to stabilise carbon emissions and then reduce them by 60% by 2030 or otherwise we're all doomed.there'll be no more... Being the eco-minded do-gooderclimate criminalconspiracy theorist that you are, I immediately thought of you.


    The filmmakers made that documentary, 'McLibel', about the two people fighting McDonald's which I absolutely loved.fell asleep in.have never seen. Apparently they've also won an Oscar, can you believe how cool they must be?but I reckon they're exaggerating about that one.


    They've already raised 250,000 pounds from selling "shares" to people who love their grandchildren.have got more money than sense. Now they're raising the final 300,000 needed to finish the film.


    Sounds like a cracking investmenttotal waste of cash to me, which is why I've already invested myself.I'm passing it on to you.


    All you have to do if you'd like to invest is take your credit card to the Crude webpage at


    Anyhow, hope all's well with you and that your new jobgenderlifestyle is working out well. Would you like to go for a beer sometime?make beautiful music tonight?never hear from me again?


    Yours sincerely,Lots of love,Cheers,