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Windfarm developer

PIERS' STORYWindfarm developer Piers Guy doesn't see wind energy as the magic bullet that will save the world from climate change. But he does think that, especially for a windy country like England, turbines are the "foot soldiers, the pioneers" of a more intelligent energy system based on massively reducing energy use. He believes that "out of sight, out of mind" energy production has led to us all becoming "consumerholics" and, therefore, "the more you can see the turbines the better".  Unfortunately the well-organised, well-heeled local anti-wind campaign group have no intention of letting Piers's turbines spoil their view. "It's a fair fight", says their leader "and I hope you lose".  PIERS' QUOTES"The problem is, you’re dealing with a global population, that is basically in denial over this.""The fact that you can’t go skiing anymore or that the glaciers are melting is not really the point. The point is that’s a signal that basically the earth is destabilising and all the norms that have allowed life to exist as it has done are changing.""If we don't face up to our fears, I just feel we're abusing it, our environment which gives us so much. We're just rampantly, disrespectfully trashing it." - LISA GUY   CRUDE DIARY ENTRIESSomeone to represent alternative energy and the futureGot till 2030 to cut carbon emmissions 90%And today! Enthusiastic bohemian filmmakers from LondonThe kids learnt French  PIERS' PICTURESThe Guy Family laughing at naughty little LeoPiers & Fernand sharing fondu when they meet for the film in Chamonix