Nic Seton

Jack Of All Trades
Nic Seton
Camden, London
Day job:
Solar zepplin inventor
Dream job:
Solar Zepplin Pilot
The Age of Stupid
Time on the job:
10 Months
Jet, jeep, bus or bike:
or Zepplin!
Original connection:
The UK youth brought it to COP14, where I met them.
Why did you get involved?:
Because it was definately the right thing to do.
Memorable moment:
Getting Pete Postlethwaite to the UK Peoples' Premiere across Peak traffic London on a 2000 pound bike after quite a few drinks. Gold!
Scared of:
Negative dreams
Guilty of:
Being a bit frustrated with the whole thing.
Planning to spend profits on:
Windfall? It could power my Zepplin? Overland to Australia? The biggest party in History?
Will we save ourselves now we have the chance?:
Of course. Anything else would be absurd!
In 2050 I’ll be 65. I’m an a child of the eighties, born in Australia, and I grew up with mobile phones, the internet and the UNFCCC. My interest in local events lead me to a degree in Environmental Studies and student life lead me to activism. As part of the Australian Youth Climate Coalition I attended the 2008 UN climate conference in Poznan, Poland. In an attempt to reduce the exorbitant emissions by flying to get there, we took trains and buses. After the conference, I migrated to the UK in 2008 and have been involved in climate campaigning ever since. I’m not just interested in trying to avoid the worst effects of climate change by doing the least, I'm all about getting the best out of life!

Stuff done:

  • Travelled overland from Brisbane to London