"You'll be kissing goodbye to your cash..."

Location Chained to Avid in office making Crude trailer | Mood Spaced out | Date 2 February 2006
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Franny Armstrong
Chained to Avid in office making Crude trailer
Spaced out
MTV hits. I'm sure the ads are coming round faster. Or has time sped up?
Sandpaper retinas
2 February 2006
Current crisis: 
Can't work out how to output our rough cut in HDV

I've made trailers of other films and they take only a few days. But that's when you're making one from the finished film, I now realise. Whereas we've got 87 hours of footage and not much idea of what we're trying to do. Even watching all that would be more time than we have - 5 days of David The Editor.

My pal complained that I hadn't called her back when I said I would. I answered that it was only 9pm and I said I'd call before midnight, so what's the problem? Yes, she said, but two days have gone by! I had no idea. Funny how you forget about the editing time warp when you're not in it - like the pain of childbirth, or so I've heard.

Composer Chris came over today with his first attempt at the Crude orchestral score. His mission is to make as sing-able a tune as the Star Wars theme - one which will feature on future "Classic Movie Themes" albums and future Frannys will play future drums to it in future brass bands. Composer Chris has dramatically more highbrow musical taste than me, but I think he knew where I was coming from. When he left, me, Lizzie and D-The-E were all humming the tune, so it's definitely catchy.

While D-The-E and I have been having fun in the edit room, poor Lizzie has been having a nightmare week of lawyers going through our new Funding Plan (for the second round of shareholders, I mean loan-ers) trying to get an official stamp from the Financial Services Authority, which will protect us from getting lynched if we make a smash-hit doc. We gave the lawyers a few laughs, each time they sent through a new paragraph of lawyer speak to add, we would turn it into Spanner language: "You'll be kissing goodbye to your cash if..."