Sandpaper retinas

Location Spanner Films office | Mood Fed up | Date 12 November 2005
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Franny Armstrong
Spanner Films office
Fed up
Flipping through MTV hoping for new McFly video
Sandpaper retinas
12 November 2005
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We're on the right subject and seem to be ahead of the pack, for now

We've been waiting ages to show John Battsek the footage, as we can't look at it at the highest quality until we get the new HDV monitor and Avid setup, which I'm being slow about getting my head around. So we gave in and invited him to come over and watch me looking through tapes trying to find the odd good shot. He looked suitably worried, as I would have if someone showed me that pile of crock and said it was a film. Now he's all disappointed I feel like I've failed my Grade 5 trumpet exam and let down the teacher all over again.