The human eye did not evolve for this

Location Doctor's waiting room, Camden | Mood Chastised | Date 19 March 2007
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Franny Armstrong
Doctor's waiting room, Camden
"Whenever, Wherever" on the Ipod. Reminds me of Jamila & Adnan as we've cut their reunion scene to it. Not that we'll be able to afford to use it on the actual film.
Still got the headache
19 March 2007

Best Pal marched me off to the doctor after coming over to pick up her share of the organic veg delivery - how very neighbourly - to find me typing away with a scarf wrapped round my head blocking off one eye. I explained that the headaches get unbearable whenever that eye looks at a computer, so the interesting headgear is the only way to carry on working.

The doc started off sympathetically asking after my symptoms but as soon as I replied "minimum 12 hours a day" to his "do you use computers?", he put his pen down, stopped taking notes and said "the human eye did not evolve to spend 12 hours looking at a computer". (If I'd been wearing a headscarf/cross would he have said "Allah/God did not create the human eye..."?) Without even asking what I do he said that if I thought my work was important enough to damage my eyes for, that's my decision, but there's no point me wasting his time.

Off I went empty handed, no drops, no pills, no nothing.