And where's that going to get you?

Location Tube back from Kensington | Mood A tonne of bricks off my shoulders | Date 17 February 2007
Author (full name): 
Franny Armstrong
Tube back from Kensington
A tonne of bricks off my shoulders
Gridlocked cars honking. And where do you think that's going to get you?
Swirling head from unexpected beer and adrenalin
17 February 2007
Current crisis: 
Fighting with Lizzie
Current silver lining: 
Major progress with Jeh

Good thing: Met with Jeh in a swanky pad he was staying at in Kensington to show him the rough cut of the film. His old friend from his car-dealing days in London was there too. I was feeling immensely nervous as it started up.....but..... he absolutely LOVED it. Was laughing all the way through - as was his pal. He said he couldn't believe that I'd made something so professional looking and so "slick". Had a good old chat about our plans for world wide distribution and all the rest of it and he agreed to sign his release form with just a couple of minor changes. Phew.

Bad thing: Going from bad to worse with Lizzie. She arrived back in London saying that everything she's got to do - ie all the admin - now we've finished filming looks boring and so she thinks she should direct the Making Of film. With both of us being crap at confrontation, I didn't say anything, just seethed with anger. Seems to me the problem is that she wants to make Crude AND have holidays AND play sport AND see loads of her family AND for everything to be as interesting as it has been for the last year.... when the reality is that we've got to strap in for the final push and do whatever it takes to get the monster finished and out there. Tried to argue that, imho, it is possible to have everything in life - just not at the same time. And that having fulfilling work like Crude is very rare and the sacrifices it comes with are always worth it. Besides, the minute Crude is finished she can go on holiday for six months or forever. I certainly am.