Getting deeply annoyed

Location Feet up on the wobbly desk in the office. Really should stick a 4th leg on it soon. | Mood Abandoned | Date 8 February 2007
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Franny Armstrong
Feet up on the wobbly desk in the office. Really should stick a 4th leg on it soon.
Random excerpts from Crude jumping around as D the E edits behind me
Got to get the temporary filling in my tooth from before Nigeria replaced
8 February 2007
Current crisis: 
Fallen out with Lizzie, not that I've told her yet
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Jazz club scene looking (and sounding) very lovely
Next job: 
Not for a long time, I'm happy to say

Getting deeply annoyed with Lizzie as her holiday in India seems to be ever extending. It started as a week, then became 9 days, now I've just got an email saying it's going to extend again unless I have "violent objections".

Two weeks holiday during Crude? What does she think this is, a proper job? She'll be wanting a pension plan and health cover next.

And it's been near to impossible trying to edit without her here as I can't do more than 10 minutes before a pop group in Nigeria needs their PRS number faxing or an Austrian DVD distributor must have copies of the McLibel DLTs by tomorrow. Have turned all phones off as first line of defence.

Also doesn't help that she's in Mumbai trying to sort out some paperwork with Jeh but has only just found out that Jeh is actually in London. Which means that's another job added to my list.

I can feel my predictable and very childish "fine, I'll do it on my own then" kneejerk kicking in, but have so far managed not to send any rash emails. Would not be a good idea to fire Lizzie. Will have to discuss calmly and maturely when she gets back.