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Channel 4 News, 16 Feb 08

Big feature about the drama shoot, including interview with Pete Postlethwaite and nod to other eco-docs.




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Scene with Mr Postlethwaite
Still got to add the graphics, but you get the idea.
Introduction to Fernand
The 2 1/2 minute introduction to French mountain guide Fernand Pareau.
Introduction to Jamila and Adnan
The 2 1/2 minute introduction to Iraqi refugee children Jamila and Adna Bayyoud.

Introduction to Jeh

The 3 1/2 minute introduction to Indian low-cost airline boss Jeh Wadia.

Introduction to Layefa
The 3 minute introduction Nigerian wannabe medical student Layefa Malemi.

Introduction to Al

The 2 1/2 minute introduction hero of Hurricane Katrina, American Alvin DuVernay.



Crude trailer, 2005
An early 71⁄2 minute trailer made to convince people to invest in the film. Was quite good at the time - and succeeded in its mission to raise £200K - but horribly out of date now.



Jamila Held Hostage
Friday market, Amman, Jordan, August 2006. The filming of The Age of Stupid is temporarily halted when Jamila's Aunt takes her hostage - knowing how vital she is to that day's filming of Malik's attempt to cross the border - and won't release her for less than 50 dollars.


Decoy Filming

Opuama village, Niger Delta, Nigeria, April 2006.
Lizzie distracts the fame hungry villagers by pretending to film them with the back up camera while Franny gets the shots actually needed for The Age of Stupid.


Timelapse Box

Morzine November 2005
Markus shows some excellent carpentry skills, Lizzie guards a snowman and everyone gets very cold.

Train Timelapse

Chamonix, France, 2006. Seasonal timelapse shot from local train over four seasons for the climate change movie The Age of Stupid.

Jordan helicopter Filming
Police helicopter, Amman, Jordan, August 2006.
Just another day on the The Age of Stupid film shoot. Burning up fossil fuels hanging out of helicopters in the hope that a brilliant shot makes a better film which more people watch and the total carbon emissions decrease...

Funding Meeting
Mr Youngs Screening Rooms, Soho, London. December 2004. Believe it or not - and Nigerian hostage crisis not withstanding - this was the scariest thing we ever did for The Age of Stupid .

Read diary entry here.

Niger Delta Unlikely Singalong

Niger Delta, 14 January 2006. It's not all hard work and serious issues on the The Age of Stupid shoot. Layefa and best pal Eternity discover an unlikely musical connection with their Western filmmaking friends.

Is This What The Future Looks Like?
New Orleans, June 2006.
The Age of Stupid
director Franny gets freaked out after three days filming the detritus of western civilisation strewn across the streets of the Big Easy.

Character Hunting in Jordan
Amman, Jordan, August 2006. The Age of Stupid director Franny explains the method behind the madness involved in finding a character for the documentary, aided by the world's most beautiful eyelashes. And producer Lizzie comes up with a novel way to entertain people (and keep them out of shot) with no shared language.


James Bond Without The Guns
One advantage of making a low-budget epic documentary like The Age of Stupid is that you get to do all the crazy stuff yourself. And build up your calf muscles.

Franny's Stolen Glasses Nightmare
In the chief's bed, Nigeria. April 2006.
It's not everyday you get to live out your recurring nightmare. And in the heart of the Niger Delta kidnap zone too.


Food From Chevron
A village in the heart of the Niger Delta. April 2006.
Our friends took pity on the hungry vegetarians and went in search of sustenance. Who would've thought the oil companies would be so generous to The Age of Stupid filmmakers?

Eurostar Homework
Eurostar to Paris, followed by sleeper train to Chamonix. February 2006. The Age of Stupid director Franny attempts to work out the structure of the world's most fiendishly complicated documentary.

Bring It On
Beverly Hills Hotel, Port Harcourt, Nigeria, Jan 2007.
Should we even try to prevent runaway climate change? Is our species worth saving? 10 days filming in the Niger Delta doesn't do much for your optimism.


Franny Interviewing Villagers
Odiama village, Niger Delta, Nigeria, April 2006.
During a breather in the filming, The Age of Stupid director Franny is shocked to find out exactly how many gunboats attacked the village - and then gives the villagers some pointers for including the info.

Make Up
New Orleans, June 2006.
The indignities suffered by The Age of Stupid director Franny Armstrong reach a new low before the film crew head to a make-or-break interview at an oil company. She is attempting to look like proper media.

"I Miss My Boyfriend, Sob, Sob"
Room 37, Hotel Saraya, Amman, Jordan.
Cold-hearted The Age of Stupid director Franny turns the camera on long-suffering producer Lizzie when the strain of finding and filming an Iraqi refugee story became too much.

Abandoned - Night Driving
Port Harcourt, Niger Delta, Nigeria, January 2007.
The Age of Stupid crew are not at all impressed at being abandoned by their fixer on the most dangerous road in the country... and then having to finish the drive in the dark, the favourite time for kidnappers.

Testing Radio Mics
Nov 2005, Spanner Films office, Camden, London.
The Age of Stupid
producer Lizzie Gillett attempts to maintain her composure while testing malfunctioning radio mics ready for filming the climate change protest march the following day.

Famous Last Words
Ijaw village in Delta State, Nigeria, April 2006.
The Age of Stupid
director Franny Armstrong explains the crew's tactics for avoiding getting kidnapped while trying to make a documentary in the heart of the Niger Delta conflict zone.

Small steps
In the bath at the Hotel Saraya, Amman, Jordan, August 2006.
Who said filmmaking was glamorous? Everything was stalling with the filming of The Age of Stupid so Franny resorts to washing the clothes. This way at least some progress is being made.


Sleeping In The Taxi
August 2006, Iraq/Jordan border. The Age of Stupid film crew - and child stars - spend an anxious night sleeping in a taxi at the border hoping that elder brother Malik will make it safely across.

Flying Problems
January 2007. Heathrow Airport, England.
Will this be the last ever flight for The Age of Stupid? Will Franny and Lizzie ever see their far-flung relatives again? Is it possible to travel without causing climate change? Franny rambles on about these important matters before flying to Nigeria and then India on the last The Age of Stupid overseas filming trip.


White Bread
Niger Delta, Nigeria, April 2006. The Age of Stupid director Franny Armstrong explains how to get through even the most hostile military checkpoints in the creeks of the Niger Delta.

A Solar Panel and The Iraq War

London, September 2005. The Age of Stupid Director Franny meets researcher Daniel to decide which oil war to feature in the film while her house is fitted with something very exciting.

Bunkbeds, Bunny, Hiking

Chamonix, The Alps, September 2006. After jumping out of helicopters all day, The Age of Stupid Director Franny is far too wired to sleep in Fernand's bunkbeds. But there's plenty of planning for the next day's complicated shoot on the glacier to do.


Hostile Training
April 2006, Franny's house, London.
Before heading to Nigeria, we rounded up a few more indie filmmakers and paid a security pro to teach us what to do in scary situations. In summary: "Don't Go". Read about hostile training in the Crude Diary.

Al Storm
New Orleans, June 2006. After meeting potential new character Alvin DuVernay, The Age of Stupid filmmakers Franny and Lizzie have their first and so-far only fight. With a tropical storm thrown in for good measure.

Crossing The Border
Jordan/Iraq border, September 1st 2006. Panic amongst the filmmakers as The Age of Stupid documentary star Malik has not been heard from for five hours as he travels the most dangerous road in Iraq.

Hardcore Hiking and Franny's Speech
The Swiss/Italian border in The Alps. February 2006. The Age of Stupid filmmakers Franny and Lizzie struggle to keep up with Fernand's mountain hiking club. When they do finally make it to the top, Franny is persuaded to do a speech explaining the film - in French.