Global Premiere 2 - Worldwide

Date 19th Sep 2009

Crazy days here at Stupid Towers and our sister bunker across the pond in NYC as we buckle up and bear down on the moment we've been working towards for the past six years: The Age of Stupid Global Premiere. There's too much to tell for a single news item, so this one focuses on the plans for the Premiere around the globe. See the accompanying article for news of what's happening at the Premiere Hub in New York City or head to the Global Premiere tickets page to buy tickets anywhere in the world. 

During the big glitzy-but-eco premiere event in NYC, we will be beaming footage from the panel discussion live to 440 cinemas across the US, as well as bringing in footage from a bunch of different locations on the climate front line:

  1. Greenpeace heroes up in the Himalayan Mountains, where the glaciers that hundreds of millions of people rely on for drinking water are melting away at a frightening pace.
  2. Thom Yorke from his London studio - yes, he's playing a remote gig specially for Stupid.
  3. More Greenpeace legends in the fast-disappearing jungles of Indonesia. Apparently they film the scientists speaking in the rainforest, a mini satellite transmitter bounces it to the ship which is moored nearby, ship bounces it to a great big satellite somewhere up in the sky, great big satellite bounces it down to our giant truck in Manhattan, then scientist guy speaks to Franny in the tent and the whole lot bounces back up again into the sky to bounce down again to cinemas all over the world. 

These high-tech global adventures may boggle the mind - but wait until you see how many countries we're rolling out to over the 24 hours following the the NYC event...


2x cinemas

On 20/09 there will be a two-pager dedicated to the global premiere of AoS in the biggest selling Sunday newspaper in Argentina, and you can see some online coverage we've already had here. TeleféNoticias will broadcast  the green carpet arrivals live, and top singer Elena Roger - currently starring in the musical Piaf - will sing for the crowd. 

Massive thanks to Greenpeace Argentina for all their help.


8x cinemas

Greenpeace Belgium have been hugely supportive, as have sustainability network 3PlusX., who sent a 1000-strong mailout to EU politicians and the sustainability crowd in Brussels, and have raffled four free tickets for the Global Premiere there. Thanks guys.


13x cinemas

Brazil got MovieMobz confirmation quite late so they're catching up on promotion as fast as they can - they have a lot of seats to fill!


1x cinema

One-off screening at Arena West in Sofia.


Non-cinema public screening confirmed at Box Café (SPACE FOR IMAGINATION) in Beijing.  Check out the facebook event page.


1x screening in Santiago.

Costa Rica

1x screening in the British Embassy (invitation only) cinema in San Jose.


1x screening at TEPAK in Limassol (around 150 people).


Czech Republic

Looks like our only cinema has pulled out unfortunately. Possible press screening on 22nd, with cinema release in November


1x cinema

Apparently Greenpeace has bought the whole cinema out! There's an entire website dedicated to Stupid along with People's climate action and  
Klimaforum here.

Federated States of Micronesia

1x cinema

But we know nothing else about it!


5x cinemas

Check out the facebook event here. Thanks Greenpeace Finland!


5x cinemas

La Geode

We actually have a full-on dedicated French Age of Stupid site - check it out here. La Geode in Paris was one of the first Global Premiere cinemas to sell out. The film also got a really good article this week on AFP, here. Fernand the mountain guide from the film will be watching in his local cinema in Chamonix.

A thousand thanks to Oxfam, FoE and Greenpeace France for all their help with the French Premiere.


17x cinemas

As well as screenings the length and breadth of Germany, we've also had a crazy amount of press over there:

Respect is due to Greenpeace Germany for everything they've done to get the German Premiere off the ground. Thanks guys.


1x screening

Public premiere in October in cinemas, but we're screening in an office for Greenpeace Greece - so Greece is still part of the global premiere.


2x screenings

Stupid is screening at two fabulous locations in Honduras - Museo Para La Identidad Nacional (The Museum for National Identity) in Tegucigalpa and at the Tranquila Bar in Utila Town. Everyone going to the screening on the tiny island of Utila, off the coast of Honduras, has to pay a small charge to help protect the coral reef. Perfect. Plus the Fundacion Isla de la Bahia Hub going mad on Facebook!

Hong Kong

1x cinema


At UA Times Square, the writer and author Nuri Vittachi will host the show in a 280 seat theatre. Check out the facebook event here.


2x screenings

Both screenings in Hungary are in Budapest. Hungary has an amazing dedicated Stupid website, here.


1x cinema

Very cool set of VIP guests lined up for the Icelandic premiere, including:

  • British Ambassador to Iceland
  • Jóhannes Tómasson, Press Secretary for the Ministry for Transport
  • Professor Brynhildur Davidsdottir, Chairman of the Icelandic Scientific Committee for the Reduction of Greenhouse gases
  • Hon Svandís Svavarsdóttir, Iceland's Minister for the Environment

We're hoping the Environment Minister will say a few words to the audience after the British Ambassador. Lizzie will also be interviewed live on national radio Monday about Stupid...


2x cinemas

Delhi Green Carpet

PVR, India's largest cinema chain is organising a green carpet screening of the film at 7pm indian time, a 422 seater at Saket City Select Mall. Look out for the film in their Friday adverts in HT City and Delhi Times (the 2 English papers with the largest circulations in Delhi) and the 250000 film schedules that they will print. 

Shekhar Kapur, an oscar nominated director, will be present at the screening in the evening after he has spoken from the himalayan glaciers in the morning and beamed into the premiere at New York and a breakfast show in india. 

NDTV will be present in New York to report back from the global event there for the breakfast show.



The premiere timing didn't fit too well with Ramadan, so Stupid is now playing later in Indonesia.


1x screening

Just a small screening for UNDP staff in their offices.


1x screening

Stupid is being screened on the roof of a cool social/arts centre in Tel Aviv.


8x cinemas

Here's a nice Italian blog about Stupid. Rome sold out three screens in just two days (they were latecomers to the party) and are trying to get one more cinema. A thousand thanks to Greenpeace and WWF Italy for all their work on the Italian premiere.


1x cinema

Global Premiere Japanese
Screening at Wald 9, Shinjuku, Tokyo. Tickets only going on sale on Sunday, as we just confirmed Japan. You can pre-book tickets here though.
Loads of great coverage/listings online - here's a sample:


1x screening

The Jordanian screening is going to be on a friend's roof as the rest of Amman will have shut down. He likened trying to set up a screening next Tuesday to trying to organise something on Christmas Day in the UK. We have our fingers crossed that Jamila & Adnan, the Iraqi kids from the film, will be able to make it to the rooftop screening too...


1x cinema

Indie Screening in a Cinema in Almaty That's all we know!


1x screening

Private screening at the University of Nairobi.


1x screening

There may be only one screening in Kiribati - but it's absolutely humungous. The FREE public screening of the film will be held in the Tarawa Sports Complex, with 5,000 seats will screen the film as part of a big event (6.30 pm to 9.00 pm). There will be a full programme of awareness and climate change entertainment: speeches by youth going to Copenhagen in December, dramas, dancers and songs:  "Turn down the Heat", Dancing in the Waves, Waters Do rise, Who will take my people?...

Eagle-eyed Stupid fans will remember Pelenise Alofa as the "climate witness" who spoke so movingly at the Oz/NZ premiere. Now she is the human dynamo who has organised the biggest Stupid screening anywhere in the world. "We are aiming to have 5,000 people, God willing!  But I am optimistic because we are sending the information out to the churches, schools, government offices and our advertisement will be on air, tv and newspapers starting tomorrow ... Thanks for this tool to use for campaign and also for the opportunity to serve and save my country."


1x cinema


Stupid's Kosovan screening is at the Open Air Cinema in Prizren. Check out the facebook event here.


1x screening

One screening in Bishkek, that's possibly moving to a bigger venue. Our gang in Kyrgyzstan are working with WWF and Greenpeace Russia.

Latin America (general)

Amazing coverage on a green living website, which we think is something like TreeHugger in Lat Am.


1x screening

Held up by the classification board so decided last week to go for a premiere in October BUT screening at IndyAct offices on the 22nd of September just so they can take part in the global premiere.


1x screening

Thanks a million to Greenpeace Luxembourg for helping this one stand up: we're screening at Utopolis. We also have a 15 minute interview in RTL radio (the main radio station) next Monday. There will also be a ticket game in one of the daily (free) newspapers...


1x screening

A last minute Indie Premiere in Antananarivo on the beautiful island of Madagascar has just been arranged. The screening will take place at the Centre Culturel Albert Camus and about 200 people are expected to see the film, including the French Ambassador in Madagascar! Robert Lion, the CEO of Greenpeace France and Agrisud International will also give a presentation before the film. A DVD is being shipped to France right now so that it can be handed over to a cabin crew person of Air Madagascar flying there on Sunday.


Sadly has had to pull out because swine flu regulations mean that the authorities have banned all large public events. No, really. 


1x screening

Check out some of the online buzz going on around the Maltese premiere:


1x screening

Malaysia screening

Screening in the Ballroom of the Grand Millenium hotel in Kuala Lumpur. Check out the facebook event here.


1x cinema

Nashman desk

Stupid is screening at The Olympus Cinema, a 585 seat cinema with an audience of the national government.

The President of the Maldives, Mohammed Nasheed, will be attending the New York premiere in advance of his address to the UN General Assembly for their Climate Week. You might remember the excellent Nasheed from his extraordinary announcement at the UK premiere of Stupid, when he told the world that the Maldives is to become the first carbon-neutral country within the next ten years. If you missed it the first time around, check it out below - it's really very moving.


3x cinemas

Mexico got MovieMobz confirmation quite late so they're going great guns on promotion. Ariba!


1x screening

Screening at Teatro Avenida in Maputo. Some great off-line promotion - press release to the media (TV, newspapers) and putting posters around Maputo city.


1x screening

The Association of Youth Organisations and Nepalese Tourist Board Nepal are screening for 350 people.


4x cinemas

The extraordinary preparations in the Netherlands deserve a special mention. See their own dedicated offical Not Stupid site here! Check out this update from our friend Maurits:

-          Royalty confirmed to attend Amsterdam screening (but can’t say who before the actual event, because o security).
-          Royalty will arrive in the ‘ONE in Europe supersonic electric Tesla car.
-          Many, many VIPs (ceo’s, actors, TV personalities, former ministers (all the present ones will be in New York)
-          Two trams to transport a number of our guests to the cinema creating  one-time special stop in front of the cinema, completely disturbing all other traffic there...
-          The trams –of course! – run on green electricity.
-          All guests will be asked to bring a broken, worn-out electrical appliance by way of ‘entrance ticket’; these will be collected for recycling (saving raw material and energy). We organise a competition for the ‘best’ contribution…
-          Boomerang cards –a very popular free cards company with a very wide actual and digital distribution offered their massive publicity help for free.
-          A number of TV, radio programmes and press have announced they will cover The Age of Stupid premiere.
-          The premiere cinema will be completely climate neutral.

Amsterdam - SOLD OUT

Rotterdam - SOLD OUT


Our Hub (For my Sake! Nigeria) were on national TV on Sunday and talked about the film. Unfortunatley though we've just had some really sad news. The screening in Nigeria has had to be cancelled, as the Nigerian Film board has refused to allow the film to be shown. The Nigerian government waded in and pulled the plug on our Lagos screening. Funnily enough they didn't like the way they were depicted in the film, destroying villages, siphoning off the oil money and allowing illegal  gas flares. We had hoped to have a great premiere there, with  Layefa, one of the stars of the film  attending.


5x cinemas

Bigups to Greenpeace Norway for helping make this happen.

Palestinian Territories

We don't have any information but we're still pretty sure there's a screening somehwere! Watch this space...

Papua New Guinea

TV Broadcast

Going out on EMTV to 3 million people! Also on big screens around Papua New Guinea - no info on screen locations yet.


3x cinemas 

Peru poster

GCAP Peru made this lovely little poster themselves. All three screenings are in Lima.


Now a press-only screening. Plans for a public screening later


11x cinemas

Loads of screenings in Portugal, including a Green Carpet Premiere with a live debate that will be followed by the film, to an audience of environmental journalists as well as emblematic guests connected to environmental issues. Good support from this big green Portugese website too.


1x screening

Another last-minute Indie Premiere booking for a cosy venue, only 40 seats. That's all we know!


1x cinema

The Age of Stupid will launch in Russia on September 22nd 2009, as part of the Global Premiere, and on October 24 as part of the International Climate Action Day, but only the Moscow cinema is confirmed. We hope to announce screenings in St Petersberg soon. Many thanks to Greenpeace Russia for all their work on this.


6x cinemas

We are expecting 2000 people in the open air venue, with representatives of the City of Belgrade, Ministries, actresses and other celebs all present. Massive. The launch in Serbia is in Beograd (main event) as well in Subotica, Novi Sad, Pancevo, Nis and Kragujevac.

Stupid will screen as part of a public awareness campaign about the importance of decreasing greenhouse gas emissions, the contribution of Serbian society to climate change issues and increasing engagement with the political campaign of the EU during the UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen, December 2009.

The screenings are part of a structured plan and programme to show the movie in as many elementary and high-schools and Universities as possible, and in a huge number of smaller cities and villages during the period September - December 2009.  There will be workshops and round tables organised with the aim of introducing these global challenges and threats to a wider public, as well as to present the goals and actions we should achieve in order to decrease global warming and to really understand the catastrophic consequences and the outcomes coming from the modern way of living, human negative influence and influence of consumer society on the planet Earth, eco-systems and climate.

Support, logistical infrastructure and field and voluntary work of the following organisations are making this campaign and the screenings of The Age of Stupid possible: 

Green Initiative (coalition consisting of more then 10 environmental NGOs), SEE Regional Office of the IUCN and WWF –,, Bureau for social research, Proconcept, Forum of youth with disabilities, Centre for monitoring and evaluation, as well as the following institutions: City of Beograd, Ministries, The Executive Council of The Autonomous Province of Vojvodina.

Find more on Serbian Stupid online here:

Sierra Leone

1x screening

Stupid is screening at the One World Centre in Bo which was built with the money raised by a charity in Warwick.


1x screening 

Screening in an Indie Movie House - precise location to be confirmed.


1x screening

At the A4 Zero Space in Bratislava.


8x cinemas

¡La Era De La Estupidez en salas de Cine cerca de ti! !Se parte del Estreno Mundial, 22 Septiembre 2009 

 The Age of Stupid will launch in Spain on September 22nd 2009 as part of the Global Premiere including a Green Carpet and candle lit event in Madrid. The event is being coordinated by Greenpeace España, who are our main contact and partner organisation in Spain. The campaign of the Age of Stupid film for action to confront climate change is also supported by Coalición Clima, a coalition of 31 civil society organisations who campaign together to combat climate change and promote sustainable human development. In particular the release in Spain is also supported by our fantastic friends, Fundación TierraGlobalízate350.orgEcología y Desarrollo and Green Cross España

Information about the science behind the age of stupid can be found in spanish here.

Here's some of the Spanish online buzz about the film:


12x cinemas

Stockholm looks like it might just sell out, yay! Big thank you going to Greenpeace Sweden who sent a newsletter out to 30 000 people last Monday.


We're pretty certain that there is a screening in Swaziland, but still don't have any details about where...


3x cinemas

Check out the Facebook event here.

Many thanks to Greenpeace Switzerland for helping sort this.


1x screening

On a roof-top in Dar-es-Salaam for around 30 people.


1x screening


Wild at Heart have organised a public screening at the Armed Forces Cultural Center in Taipei. Check out their dedicated site here. Refreshments will be served after the screening and they have asked people to bring their own cups and plates!


1x cinema + TV Broadcast

As well as a screening in Bangkok, Stupid is also going out on a TV satellite channel PSI who will screen the film on the 22nd to 4.5 million homes across Thailand! Trailer in Thai here if you don't believe us.

Plenty of advance coverage too:

Thanks to Greenpeace South-East Asia for all their help sorting out the Thai Premiere.


Not taking part in the Global Premiere any longer but will screen Stupid after the 4th of October.


1x cinema

In the UK, there are two options. There will be one cinema in London screening the film + New York live event (Kofi Annan, Thom Yorke singing etc etc) on Sep 22nd. Tickets go on sale from our Facebook group on Thursday - 15 quid each. Alternatively, you can arrange your own Indie Screening for Sep 22nd (or later) and get the webcast of the New York live event - ie as long as you have an internet connection, you and your pals will be able to watch the film (off DVD) and then the live event (off the internet, with a password). Any questions, ask


440x cinemas!


The Age of Stupid will launch in America on September 21st 2009 from a solar-powered cinema tent in New York LIVE to over 400 movie theatres across the country. Tickets are on sale NOW. Just follow the links below to your nearest theatre and you'll be taken directly to their online booking site. The timings are:  7:30 PM ET/  6:30 PM CT /  5:30 PM MT /  tape delayed 8PM PT.

This One Night Only live event is your only chance to see The Age of Stupid on the big screen and is timed for the day before the UN's climate meeting on September 22nd, when 80 Heads of State - and therefore the world's media - will gather in New York. 

As an INclusive, rather than EXclusive event, everyone is invited to go to their local theatre to watch the VIPs arrive in Manhattan by boat, bike, rickshaw, chipfat car or skateboard, before braving the paparazzi on the green carpet. Following the first US screening of The Age of Stupid, there will be a further 40 minute live event featuring Kofi AnnanGillian Anderson, the film's director Franny Armstrong, the star of the film Pete Postlethwaite, and other leading thinkers, celebrities, and political figures from around the world - including Alvin the New Orleans Shell guy from the film. Audiences will also hear from scientists working in the Himalayas and Indonesian rain forest via live satellite link.  In addition, a group of children will speak from the very room in Copenhagen in which all our futures will be decided at the UN climate summit in December. Finally, Radiohead's Thom Yorke will wrap up the evening with a short acoustic performance.

STOP PRESS: New York has just moved Stupid to the biggest screen in Union Square, so there are 100 new tickets up for grabs as of a few hours ago. Boston has 17 left. 

For a taste of what to expect, have a look at the UK launch in March 2009, which produced just 1% of the emissions of a standard Hollywood event and which broke the Guinness World Record for biggest simultaneous premiere.


1x screening

Vanuatu's moonlight cinema
Check out the cinema location in Vanuatu - this outdoor screen in Port Vila is easily our most idyllic location yet. Ivan who's setting the screening up there evidently bought this special material for the screen in the States and a local sail-maker converted it into a screen. They have capacity for 160 people with some on seats and others lying on the grass.


1x screening

Private screening in the British Embassy (invitation only) - Being held in the Botanical Gardens in caracas.


We're still not sure if Stupid has made it through classification yet....


1x screening

The very last country on our long long list, Stupid is screening in Zimbabwe at Prince Edward School. Charging $3 on entry which will buy a seedling for a tree. Sold out to 250 people!