Five correctly speeded days

Location Office | Mood Satisfied | Date 11 July 2006
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Franny Armstrong
Madonna, Secret
11 July 2006

Lack of diary entries recently as I've been happily sidetracked.

Firstly, my Sister managed to persuade a crowd of 2000-odd people to their feet through sheer enthusiasm at a Pet Shop Boys gig (we'd sneaked into the posh seats at the front and were going to get captured if everyone stayed sitting). And Neil Tennant smiled at me. He did. He did!

Then I had a visitor from Israel for five correctly-speeded days (time has either been way too fast - the two days we had together - or way too slow - the three months since).

Obviously he walked all the way from Tel Aviv to Heathrow.

Now he's gone, I'm fiendishly cleaning and sorting out my room in our wee office - no cable is going uncoiled, no scrap of newspaper unfiled, no blank CD unlabelled.

Not sure if this is a panic reaction to the (temporary, I hope) end of the affair or pre-edit nesting instinct. Either way, I can't stop till every tape is dusted and standing to alphabetical attention.