Signed-up snowboarding addict

Location Secret hut up mountain | Mood Ecstatic | Date 6 March 2006
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Franny Armstrong
Secret hut up mountain
Beautiful mountain silence
Goggles fogging up
6 March 2006
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None whatsoever. Life is perfect.

Mountain Picnic with FernandMountain Picnic with Fernand

Despite making a film in a ski resort - and being a signed-up snowboarding addict - I'd been convinced that we were not going to go off on any jollies. Not worth the broken leg risk, with all the old ladies' life savings in our bank account.

But then it snowed in Chamonix for three days solid. And we'd finished all our work. And Fernand offered to take us off-piste to find the new powder. What to do?

Had an absolutely blissful few hours floating and flying and laughing and drinking Fernand's red wine stash in secret mountain huts only he knows about. His wife Nicole even bought out a fully-fledged picnic - with special veggie sandwich for me.

Now we're on our little bunks in the sleeper train home, surrounded by snoring men (in the women-only carriage?), I can put my iPod on and dream of flying down snow.

What a bummer for future generations that skiing's time is nearly up.