"Suspenseful, funny and moving".

Date 16th Feb 2006

Publication: Evening Standard
4 stars out of 5
(Joint highest rating of the week! George Clooney's 'Good Night and Good Luck' got 3 and Heath Ledger's 'Casanova' got 2.)
Still smarting from its bashing at the hands of Super Size Me, McDonald's comes in for yet another assault with the release of a documentary about the dynamic duo who started the backlash.

Back in 1986, gardener Helen Steel and postman Dave Morris dared to criticise America's most carnivorous clown. In 1990 they found themselves in court and seven gruelling years later scored a PR victory that is still making waves.
Shot over 10 years, Franny Armstrong's film goes behind the scenes of the pair's landmark trial and - as well as offering insights into DIY protest - proves suspenseful, funny and moving.
Ken Loach filmed the dramatised court scenes. Fast Food Nation author Eric Schlosser, meanwhile, pops up to praise the London activists and - unintentionally - reveals what makes them so special. He's a well dressed smoothy-chops who seems more than a little seduced by fame.
Knackered, awkward, self-deprecating and (in Dave's case, especially) warm - these two unlikely winners seem incorruptible. Hollywood loves this kind of thing. A McMovie can't be far off. Help!