People's Premiere in Second Life

Date 13th Mar 2009

one climate arena

the one climate arena

Whilst The Age of Stupid is all about what's going on out here in the real world, it's really important to reach all those souls who spend more time plugged into the mainframe of the virtual world on Second Life too. Online multi-user virtual environments like Second Life have amazing potential to bring together communities of interest which might, in the real world, be separated over vast geographical distances. Though it's important to get outside and breathe the air and listen to the birds sing once in a while, it's also true that information technology holds a lot of promise for maintaining the connectedness of our global village without relying on carbon-intensive long distance travel to do so.

In that spirit, Katy (aka Coughdrop Littlething) has been putting together a Second Life event for the People's Premiere this Sunday, so if you can't make it to any of the 65 UK Premiere screenings, then climb into your digital avatar and get yourself over to OneClimate Island - details below.


6.45pm UK time (10.45pm SL time) Introduction to the event in OneClimate Arena
7pm Video report of green carpet & celebs arriving
Live feed of Launch of NS campaign & countdown to Copenhagen
Watch Q&A from Leicester Square, ends c 8pm

Tour around the island for anyone who wants to hang around.
PS Katy adds, "I've created a green nose dispenser! When you click on the big green nose on the pedestal you get a free green nose to wear and a notecard giving info on the Not Stupid campaign & how to donate to it." Absolutely brilliant.

green nose

Coughdrop Littlething and the Not Stupid green nose dispenser