Notts' Not Stupid - Update

Date 13th May 2009

----- The Age of Stupid - Nottingham Indie Screening -----

Following the Nottingham premiere of The Age of Stupid, and the
Nottingham Not Stupid Festival at Broadway in April, the first Indie
Screening of The Age of Stupid in Nottingham is announced.

On Friday 22nd April at 7.30 Nottingham's Sumac Centre joins with
dozens of other independent venues across the UK in an groundbreaking
new model of film distribution - the Indie Screenings - licensed
directly between the film's producers and local venues.

The Indie Screenings launch, including that at the Sumac Centre, will
be simultaneously linked to an exclusive live webcast, hosted by
director Franny Armstrong, with George Monbiot, Dr. Mohammed Waheed
Hassan - the Vice President of The Maldives, and the MET office!

If you have not seen The Age of Stupid this event could change your life!
If you have seen The Age of Stupid you know how important it is to
bring your friends.

Space is limited at the Sumac Centre so if you hope to attend on
Friday 22nd May, please email . If there is
sufficient interest further screenings may follow.

For further details of the Nottingham Not Stupid Screenings, to view
the trailer and to Get Active with local campaigns against Climate
Change, see

If you are organising a screening, or taking other initiatives in
support of The Age Of Stupid or the Not Stupid Campaign in Nottingham,
please email  for details to be added to the
Nottingham Not Stupid webpage at

Please forward this message to the mailings lists of any interested
group of which you are a part.

To organise your own Indie Screening see



Coming hot on the heels of the pre-emptive arrest of 114 climate activists at a school in Nottingham for allegedly planning a protest at the nearby coal power station, you might have expected the guests at Nottingham's Not Stupid festival to be a little wary. But actually the atmosphere was much more relaxed than that, with the Thought Police forgotten for a while in a big climate campaigners' love-in, with no fewer than 21 stalls from 21 different climate action organisations.

Lizzie lit moodily

Lizzie, lit moodily, plus plane

Jointly organised by Veggies, Climate Action Network Notts and Greenpeace, there was no shortage of campaign material in evidence. They know their climate onions, these Notts types.

Campaign materials, lit moodily

Campaign materials, lit moodily

The festival marked the start of the Coal Caravan too, just setting out on its bicycle tour of the collieries and power stations of the North of England, discussing the future of coal in the Uk and screening Stupid on the way. Find out more here.