McLibel released on TV, cinema, DVD for McDonald's 50th birthday...

Date 14th Mar 2005

March 14th 2005

New McLibel film released for McDonald’s 50th birthday on April 15th 2005


Following last month’s victory at the European Court of Human Rights, a brand new McLibel feature documentary is released on TV, on DVD and in the cinema - all in the week of McDonald’s 50th birthday celebrations.

Filmed over 10 years, by director Franny Armstrong (Drowned Out), with courtroom reconstructions by Ken Loach (My Name Is Joe, Kes), “McLibel” is the story of the postman and the gardener who humiliated McDonald's in "the biggest corporate disaster in history". This brand new, 85 minute version follows Helen Steel, 39, and Dave Morris, 50, from anonymous campaigners distributing leaflets in North London in the late 80s to global heroes defeating the UK government - and libel laws - at the European Court in 2005. They face infiltration by spies, secret meetings with corporate executives and a visit from Ronald McDonald. Whilst representing themselves in the longest court case in English history (314 days), Helen works nights in a bar and Dave brings up his young son alone. “Who said ordinary people can’t change the world?” says Director Franny Armstrong. “McDonald’s have been raking in their profits for 50 years and all of society has paid the price.” says Dave Morris, “We should look forward to their funeral, not their birthday.” “In a longterm sense, McDonald’s are in big trouble”, says Eric Schlosser, author of ‘Fast Food Nation’, in the new film, “and McLibel had a great deal to do with that in terms of unleashing this torrent of criticism.” “McLibel definitely paved the way for my movie” says Morgan Spurlock, director of smash hit documentary, ‘Super Size Me’.



World Premiere
at the Curzon Soho cinema on Saturday April 9th at 4pm, followed by a Q&A with McLibel defendants Helen Steel & Dave Morris, QC Keir Starmer and Director Franny Armstrong.

US Cinema Release
in April/ May by Cinema Libre, who distributed hit doc “Outfoxed”.

Cinema Libre press contact: Meredith Emmanuels,

TV Sales

UK broadcast currently being finalised. Details available in next few days.
24 other countries considering broadcasts.

with more than five hours of extras, including a commentary track of all McDonald’s greatest quotes from the last 50 years, voiced by comedian Rob Newman. Available to buy from from McDonald’s birthday on 15/4/05.

Press contact. Sarah Winborn. 07748 647550.