First public sneak preview

Date 26th Feb 2008

First public sneak preview of climate change doc in Second Life and live online.
Tuesday Feb 26 on One Climate Island.

There will be a virtual funding event in Second Life on Tuesday Feb 26, at 8pm. Anyone, anywhere, who's interested in investing in Age of Stupid can attend in Second Life, as an avatar, or simply watch live on the internet via the website. (see link below). Franny Armstrong (Director) and Lizzie Gillett (Producer) will be in Second Life answering questions about the film and the funding model.
The virtual funding event will be on One Climate Island on Tues Feb 26 at 8pm.
To join as an avatar in Second Life:
To watch live online:
"I was lucky enough to be able to put some money into Drowned Out and see it win critical acclaim and millions of viewers. We are now facing the possibly cataclysmic consequences of global climate chaos, so the possibility of being able to head down to my local multiplex and see a film which calmly, even-handedly but passionately paints a true picture of oil and our relationship to it is...nothing short of miraculous. It's a real thrill for me to be in at the ground floor of a film which could have a seismic effect on public perceptions of the oil industry and the wider system that it serves. My advice is that if you're in a position to move some of your money into something that will make things better, do it. We may be the last generation of this species who still have the opportunity to turn things around and build a safe, truly sustainable, socially just future."
MARK B, One of the funders of Franny's earlier film, Drowned Out, and the very first investor in Crude.
"What a great community approach to film-making!" MICHAEL M
"I just had a sense that I wanted to be a part of and support something that is important and exciting." ASIMA S
"Without front line fighters like yourselves nothing would happen." NICKY F
"I was excited by the film and it looks like a winner to me!" JERRY C
"Very impressed by the honesty of your presentation here and the humour, the track record of those involved and the fact so many are committing time for nothing or next to nothing." LIZ R
"The story you are stitching has probably never been told right. It has never been personalised. Best of luck, heroes! JEREMY D - LESS SYNDICATE