Double bill

Date 5th Sep 2002

Following the sell-out premiere of Drowned Out last week, the Curzon Soho have offered to screen a double bill of Spanner Films.... how cool is that? There'll also be a debate thingy with director Franny Armstrong and the McLibel defendants, Helen Steel and Dave Morris. Plus plenty of hanging-out in the bar after for more questions. So if you missed out on a ticket for the premiere, please come along this time.... hope to see you there.

The Curzon Soho cinema, Shaftesbury Ave, London W1V 7AE

Saturday October 12th 2002, 10am. Eek. McLibel first (52 mins), then Q&A, then Drowned Out (75 mins).


The McLibel defendants - Helen Steel and Dave Morris - will give a brief update on the trial (which is currently at the European Court of Human Rights). And Director Franny Armstrong can answer any making-of questions about either film. There's only 25 minutes available, but we'll hang out in the bar after so do come and say hello and buy us a drink...


5 pounds for two films. Bargain. Available now from the box office: 0871 871 0022.