Diagnosis: Stupid

Date 14th Jul 2009

Health Webcast

To mark the roll-out of the blanket Stupid screening license for all National Health Service employees and institutions, Stupid's director Franny joined a panel of eminent professionals working around the interface between climate change and public health:

  • Fiona Godlee, Editor in Chief, British Medical Journal
  • Dr Angela E Raffle Consultant in Public Health, NHS
  • Bristol Professor Hugh Montgomery,
  • David Colin-Thomé National Director for Primary Care, Department of Health
  • Chris Tuppen, Chief Sustainability Officer, BT Group


You can see Franny's exchange with these luminaries here:

Earlier this year, a landmark report from University College London and The Lancet fingered climate change as the greatest threat to public health this century. Doctors and healthcare professionals everywhere are starting to wake up to the implications of the predictions for the coming decades of spreading malarial zones, steeply declining access to fresh water and mass displacement of communities, and the scale of the impact on their own work to alleviate suffering is becoming horribly clear.

If you're an NHS employee, you can find out how to book your free screening of The Age of Stupid by emailing ben@indiescreenings.net.