Cast the Net

Date 22nd May 2009

Webcast Wizardry

This Friday we're cranking out another of our much-loved world-firsts, with the launch of our ground-breaking Indie Screenings at the Royal Society of the Arts in London. Not content with notching up simultaneous screenings at 75 different venues across the UK (ten more than we had for the People's Premiere), we've also insisted on beaming a live webcast Q&A out to them all after the film. You can see a spidergram sketching out some of the brain-bending technical wizardry going on under the bonnet to make it all happen above - all courtesy of our fabulous boffin partners

The event itself is shaping up to be an awesome clash-of-the-titans ding-dong between some of Britain's most respected climate change experts. At 9PM sharp, we'll go live from the RSA with our interactive web panel, made up of:

Franny Armstrong (Director of The Age of Stupid, McLibel and Drowned Out) at the RSA
George Monbiot (Prolific climate change journalist and author of HEAT) at the RSA
- Sir Nicholas Stern (Author of the Stern Review and economist), beaming in live from the Hay Festival
- Dr Richard Betts (Head of climate impacts at the MET office), beaming in live from the MET office in Exeter
Dr. Mohammed Waheed Hassan (Vice-President of the Maldives), joining us with a not-quite-live video message from the paradise islands


Everyone is welcome to participate in the debate, and Team Stupid will be fielding questions and comments from all the venues across Britain, and from viewers at home, via 

If you want to ask the panel a question, or you'd like to keep us updated on how your screening is going, or you're at an Indie Screening and just want to share the buzz, then you'll see a 'Make a comment' button at the top of the Live Blog (on the live webcast page) to put in your message.

Or just Tweet as you normally do, with a hash tag "#RSAstupid" at the beginning and we'll pick it up and add it.

If loads of questions come through we obviously won't be able to get through all of them, but we'll definitely give it a go. 

See you in the cybersphere...