A blueprint for resistance" says Time Out

Date 2nd Jun 2005

An intriguing and genuinely informative piece of television

Publication: Time Out


Lord Hailsham once remarked that "the best way to win an argument is to start by being right". Originally shown on BBC4, this excellent documentary tells the thoroughly inspiring story of London Greenpeace activists Helen Steel and David Morris.


After the longest trial in British history, the pair managed to claim the equivalent of a score-draw with the corporate might of McDonald's, after the aforementioned fast food vendors accused them of distributing libellous literature. In addition, earlier this year, the pair successfully prosecuted the UK Government in the European Court of Human Rights on the grounds that the lack of legal aid for those facing libel charges amounted to the suppression of freedom of speech.

It's possible to see this in a number of ways; as the worst corporate PR disaster in history; the precursor to films such as 'Super Size Me'; and a blueprint for resistance for any individual, however seemingly powerless, who refuses to be bullied by corporate behemoths. It also makes for an intriguing and genuinely informative piece of television. Don't miss.