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22nd November. This page is under construction, sorry for all the mess. The screening information is correct.

The Netherlands was one of the most successful countries involved in the Global Premiere on Sept 22nd with packed out cinemas across the country. People can book their own private screenings through our distributors, MGMC. 


The DVD is being released on Dec 9th, please see for more information.

The film was on mainstream Dutch TV on Dec 14th at 23.06 (Local time) on Nederland 2 Vara. 

dear Franny and Lizzie,

What an UN-BE-LIE-VABLE evening.... What a gentle power, convincing conviction and humble dedication was talking to mankind from that simple stage in NY. You both did a wonderful job there. I saw coureageous strong women, I saw a new generation that is going to midwife our species into a new era. Big words, but I was moved to tears really, like many, many in the big cinema hall. The director of KLM, the Dutch airline, who was present too, literally just sms'd to me: "It makes me think: shouldn't we ground all our planes today?" Of cpourse he is not going to do that, but (I talked to him before) from that his dedication speaks to hasten towards other, sustainable fuels (algae? they have even an -experimental, but already operating!!- compressed air vehicle, with the electricity used to compress the air that can be produced from wind and solar power), cleaner and more efficient,less noisy machines etc (and I know they already fly the most efficient, least polluting planes).
Bank directors, big pension investors, soapies, famous rock bands, they were all there -and after the film had ended there was a emotional silence in the room. And then applause (quite un-Dutch!). I gave a speech afterwards and there was absolute, absolute silence (not so much because of me I guess, but because people were really moved, their heart was touched -and that is were any change comes from.

dear Franny, I hardly can express my gratefulness for what you have done -by making the film, by making it the way you did, by the way you gently force it upon the world to see it and reflect, by being the strong that person you are, that at the same time is not afraid to be vulnerable.

I wish you take a good few days of sleep and rest, and hope we can talk sometime soon about how to hold on to, reinforce and use optimally the momentum that is being created right now.

Both my daughters (17 and 14) and my son (30) and my old mother (83) were in the cinema yesterday. They told me they now even better understand why I am and act like I do.

warm, warm, warm regards!


To arrange a screening in this country, please email Maurits Groen MGMC, Chrisje Simon-van Oosterhout at

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