Thom Yorke on Stupid Show tonight 17/12/2009


Sorry for the lack of mailing list updates. Turns out it's quite hard to make a daily TV show with only six people, none of whom have a clue how to make a daily TV show.

With just one day to go here in Copenhagen, the deal is on target to commit us all to a 3.9 degree temperature rise, which would equate to something like:
- Africa uninhabitable
- Southern Europe a desert
- Australian agricultural system wiped out
- All coral reefs gone
- Most forests gone

The world leaders are now starting to arrive - 120 of them are expected, which would be their biggest-ever get-together - and have certainly got their work cut out if they're going to shift things to the extent that's needed to avoid disaster.

But the good news is that The Stupid Show is going well... tonight we're going to be discussing the media's role in all this mess, with Ian Katz from the Guardian, Radiohead's Thom Yorke, fashion guru Vivienne Westwood and eco-hero Tony Juniper.

Tomorrow we have a live link to a dying coral reef (underwater... how cool?), plus interviews with Kumi Naidoo and the new eco rock'n'roll star, President Nasheed of the Maldives. Probably we won't get the results of the deal that gets signed till early Saturday morning, but we'll do one last show Saturday evening to fill you all in on the bad news and then go to sleep for a year.

See you tonight at 8pm Copenhagen time (7pm London)
Frazzled Franny

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-On My Head With Ed - Franny displays previously hidden gymnastic skills whilst chatting to Miliband
- Daryl Hannah happens to be walking past and joins us for a quick intro.
- Top UK journo Johann Hari tells us why the promises of the current deal being negotiated are mainly hot air, using an armful of fruit
- 'Father of Kyoto' John Prescott considers that stepping stone... and his jags...
- And Naomi Klein impresses us even more than we expected with her continuing ability to expose the corporate underbelly of these problems
- Plus a (depressing) update from rainforest expert Danilo Mollicone, straight from the negotiating table.
- The Copenhagen sprinters aren't on course to win the race, in fact most of them haven't even passed the Suicide Pact hurdle.
- But Dan's piece of the action takes us to an alternative summit which is much more inspiring
- And some hit and miss climate change jokes to try to cheer us all up. (If you have any better, send them to We're still searching for a good one).
- George Monbiot bats away 20 climate sceptic arguments
- Plus the usual updates and explanations of how doomed we all are using cardboard and ribbon.

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