Road trip with Ed M tomorrow - any questions? 29/4/2010

Hello all,

Thought I may as well enter the UK election shenanigans, seeing as the next five years are the very end of the time when we could still stop the worst impacts of climate change, and as the UK is one of the few countries fighting for a strong international climate treaty, then what happens in our election next week will have a disproportionately huge impact on whether there's a habitable planet for us all to live on in the coming decades.

So I'm going on a road trip with the current climate change Minister, Ed Miliband, tomorrow. He and I have had many a fiery debate last year (was hard to imagine anything ever topping Pete P ambushing Ed at the premiere, but then I accidentally announced 10:10 during a head-to-head with Ed in Kilburn and then interviewed Ed standing on my head in Copenhagen) - all our battles are archived here - so should be plenty of action tomorrow. We're going to be hotfooting it from London to Swindon to Oxford to Milton Keynes to Bedford (scene of Stupid's great windfarm debacle) and back to London again, fighting about climate change non-stop and filming and doing live webcasting and blogs and whathaveyou throughout the day.

In true Stupid style, everything is still being organised, but some of the events may be open to the public. All details about how to come along, or post questions, or watch the live webstream (probably starting at 11am) will be on here:

I'm amassing a huge pile of questions to put to Ed throughout the day - anything you'd like me to ask him for you? Please post them on this page on our website, or tweet them with the tag #edandfranny or email them to All and any questions on any subject welcome - just don't call him (or me) a bigot.

See you,