Last day to book a place on SWOTS - plus many good things happening 17/10/2011

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The cheap 'Early Bird' price for our SWOTS film course - "everything you need to know to make independent documentaries with no crew, commission or contacts... and still get 62 million viewers" - ends tonight at midnight, so if anyone's thinking of coming along, today is the day to book your place. And two ace new speakers have just joined the line-up: Heather Croall and Charlie Philips from the Sheffield Documentary Festival (Britain's No 1 doc fest) will be explaining how to help your film rock the festival scene.

If anyone's not sick to death of hearing me go on about climate change, I'll be going on about climate change tomorrow night at the beautiful Union Chapel in Islington at "5x15" (five speakers, fifteen minutes each). Not going on about climate change, I hope, will be the highly inspiring John Bird (founder of the Big Issue), the multi-talented Mike Figgis (film director) and the poet Daisy Goodwin. The evening is raising money for the Margins Project for the homeless and you can buy tickets here.

Speaking of frightening speaking engagements, for some reason - actually, because it was so ludicrous, I couldn't resist - I agreed to take to the main stage at Bestival a few weeks ago to go on about climate change for five minutes in between two extremely dancey acts in front of 25,000 disinterested drunk people... Not convinced that any synapses lit up, but the mention of 10:10 got a big cheer - as did my gut-splitting one-liner about Pippa Middleton's arse.
Grandmaster Flash's roadies are in sillhouette, I'm in red

You know how, whenever we mention our lovely Stupid crowd-funders in the press or wherever, we always include "a hockey team and a women's health centre". Said health centre is "Women and Health" in Camden, which my sister used to be the manager of, and which provides low-cost health services and counselling to people on low incomes. Like so many others, they've had their funding cut by the Tories and had to close many of their services. BUT they've been short-listed for a 6K grant, which is enough to get their Caring Breaks service back up and running, providing respite to full-time carers (usually family members) of disabled children. Please help them get the grant by voting for them on this webpage. (It's a bit boring cos you have to register, but it's not a big deal compared to helping get the carers' support back.) Thanks v much.
A highly exciting piece of paper. Well, to lifelong Cure fans like me, anyway.

Speaking of fundraising, last week's Pitch Pledge Party was a charmer, where 100-odd (not 100 odd) generous people got together at the Guardian office and collectively donated just over £15,000 for the three winning projects, Remade in Edinburgh (who've set up a very popular workspace for repairing and reselling broken stuff), Energise Barnet (who are bringing local groups together to bulk-buy renewable energy equipment) and the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare (who are retrofitting NHS dialysis machines with cheap gadgets which cut their emissions by 20%).

The founders of Remade in Edinburgh were very excited to win the public vote and an extra £1,010 at the Pitch Pledge Party

Other good things happening round the world on 10/10 included half a million Dutch people participating in 10:10 Netherlands' "Energy Challenge", a low-carbon marathon in Croatia, a flashmob in Finland and plant planting in Bangladesh. Wicked.

Not wicked: Age of Stupid was beaten last Tuesday to the 50K "Creative Impact Award" which was set up to "honour the documentary film creating the most significant impact in the world". The winner was fish film The End of the Line, which helped get a big marine reserve in place and changed the fish purchasing practises of several big supermarket chains, which the judges felt was more than we've achieved with Age of Stupid and 10:10. Shucks. But Lizzie and I had a nice night at the Awards do with Dan Vockins from 10:10, David Hill who edited Stupid and Pete Postlethwaite's wife Jacqui and son Will. And thank you to everyone on this list who helped us put our application together by sending in personal stories of how Age of Stupid changed your lives. We're going to compile them properly on the website any day now.

Speaking of positive world-changing stuff, I love this idea to reverse the deficit: instead of destroying a large chunk of Britain's local services, putting 100s of 1000s of people out of work and thereby depressing the economy even further, why don't we reverse the deficit in one fell swoop with a one-off tax of 20% of the wealth of the richest 6 million people in society? They would still have more money than they could ever need and the country wouldn't be bought to its knees. Somehow I can't see the Tory millionaire cabinet agreeing, despite the fact that 74% of the public do - across all social classes, including the richest. Oh well, Occupy Wall Street Worldwide it is.

Hope all's well with you wherever you are,