Moving German mountains: Stupid opens in 12 cities tonight 3/6/2010

Guten Tag,

Five stars, film of the week and, ahem, "Franny Armstrong can move mountains" according to our first German review, in Zitty magazine (like Time Out, apparently) this morning. So everything is boding rather well for Age of Stupid opening in twelve German cities tonight: Berlin, Hamburg, München, Nürnberg, Bonn, Frankfurt, Potsdam, Gütersloh, Freiberg, Göttingen, Bremen, Hannover and Köln.

As ever, we have no advertising budget and, as ever, the film lives or dies on the number of bums hitting the number of seats on the opening weekend. So please, please, please pass on the link to all your German friends and encourage them to take 10 of their friends to a screening tonight or Friday or Saturday or Sunday:

Lizzie and I have been in Berlin and Hamburg at the cracking premieres this week - complete with refugee camps, top-notch politicians and 10:10 launches (see pics attached) - and I'll be doing the same again at the Potsdam screening tonight if anyone lives there and fancies saying hello. We're then heading to Paris for the launch of 10:10 France on the Champs Elysees - everyone invited - on Saturday morning.

Over and out from Deutschland,
Franny, Lizzie
and Team Stupid Hamburg & Berlin

The climate refugee camp which freaked out passers-by during
the afternoon before the evening's premiere

Another full house (tho some of these punters are admittedly
for Sex & The City, which was playing in the next screen)

Arriving by zero carbon transport

Lizzie tells the story of the time she had to give me her sweaty socks,
straight off her feet

The poor people who offered to help on Facebook and are now
running 10:10 Germany, which launched in Berlin on Tuesday