Stupid saves Cameron 13 million quid 15/7/2011

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A moment's pause is in order, as this nugget of news might just be the single biggest achievement of the ever-evolving 7-years Stupid history...

... the UK Government has just announced that they have only gone and succeeded in their 10:10-inspired mission to cut 10% of their emissions in a year. Scrap that, they have only gone and beaten the target, coming in with a highly impressive 13.8% cut across 3,000 Government buildings. Which works out as more than 100,000 tonnes of CO2 not stuck into the atmosphere and 13 million quid of our collective cash saved. Highly impressive stuff, even though they're (mainly) Tories.

So what does anyone reckon the 13 million should be spent on? Energy monitors? Insulation? Bike lanes? I'm thinking they could start by giving Lizzie and me a million quid to make Age of Stupid: The Sequel...

There's any amount of other exciting 10:10 things happening all over the planet - I've copied the latest global news round-up email, "The 10:10 Times" below. These little cockle-warming beauties arrive in inboxes about once a month - If anyone would like to be added to the mailing list, please email and he'll stick you on.

In related news, don't forget to round up 10 friends to go and see the new climate film "Just Do It" in cinemas this weekend. As with Stupid or any other zero-advertising doc, the number of bums on seats on the opening weekend defines whether the film flies or flops.

Yours not quite believing that we changed Government behaviour,

PPS. This Jon Stewart vomit video has to be the best Murdoch round-up so far

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Dear friends,

Angela BryantThe last week here has been dominated by the government’s 10:10 announcement. In total they saved 100,000 tonnes of carbon making a 13.8% carbon saving across the central government estate. Genuinely impressive. Ultimately it proves our core message – we can meet the scale of the challenge (even in the biggest organisations) but only with senior level buy-in. There’s no need to wait until 2050 and 10:10ers up and down the country are proving it.

Climate change also needs culture change, and whether it’s inspiring a government to cut carbon,leading gay pride by electric boat in Amsterdam, or working carbon cutting into the boardroom in France, 10:10 makes sure that happens. That’s why I’d also like to extend a huge thank-you to all those who took the time to email your MP by throwing your weight behind mandatory emissions reporting for businesses – a move which would signal a huge shift in board room buy-in.

We’ll be using the summer to prepare for the launch of Solar Schools in September and a new case studies project to underline the amazing work 10:10ers have been doing. In the UK, there are new members of the 10:10 team to welcome – our new lead developer Sym Roe and Lighter Later intern Simon.

All the best,

Angela Bryant
Executive director

10:10 Times


Chris Huhne and Angela Bryant• Last week, we heard back from our largest 10:10 organisation: the UK government! The combined force of 300,000 people over 3,000 buildings brought home a 13.8% cut in their first year. Just to be clear, that 13.8% equals a colossal 100,000 tonnes of CO2 cut, not to mention an extra 13 million pounds pocketed! Many said it was impossible for big organisations to cut emissions fast – this proves that it can be done and sets the bar high for the rest of the UK. If you’d like to see how they managed it, check out DECC’s video about their journey. What’s really cool is that they’ve given credit where it’s due and celebrated the facilities managers that made this change happen on the ground, not just the ministers responsible. While they may have a long way to go before they can claim to be “the greenest government ever”, this announcement is genuinely impressive, and definitely something to shout about.

• This week over 500 10:10ers pushed their MPs on mandatory carbon reporting, using the fact that the government had reached its target as ammunition. At the moment UK companies aren’t forced to report their emissions which means you can’t tell the good from the bad. This action supplements lobbying by 10:10 businesses and our own 10:10 HQ submission.

London Zoo Lates• The lucky winner of our Lighter Later competition for London Zoo Lates tickets will be enjoying a long, light evening with cocktails and cockatoos this Friday. Pictures and blog to follow!

• 10:10er Chris Cayley tells us how he combined cutting carbon and having fun with his family. Which is what we’re all about, really.

• Next in our series of 10:10 Talks is Compass director Neal Lawson, who’ll be speaking on his vision of the good society on July 14. Full details here. August’s talk will be on the 11th with FCO Sustainable Operations Manager Owen Richards, telling us how the Foreign and Commonwealth Office tackled their 10:10 year to bring about some big savings.

Trinidad and Tobago• Brits abroad know how to pull in some serious savings, with embassies and councils frequently going over target. Rodger St Hildare of the British Council Trinidad and Tobago told us how he managed a rather impressive 21% saving.

• There’s a new addition to the 10:10 team, as Sym Roe has bravely stepped up to the challenge of lead developer. His first tasks will be transforming our current carbon tool into a shiny new multi-year one, as well as improving our analytics for My 10:10. We are dazzled by his computer wizardry.

• We’re chuffed to welcome three lovely new members to our £1,010 Club, which provides core funding for our work. Interested in joining? Email

• As Watford Borough Council’s case study shows, it pays to audit. Find out just how much here.

Solar Schools• The Solar Schools team is nose to the grindstone completing an application for EU funding in the hope of a national roll-out of the project. We’re making excellent progress on the web platform with a basic version of the software already complete. With the summer holidays nearly upon us, we’ll be using the next couple of weeks to confirm our 10 pilot schools.

• The Daylight Saving Bill will move to committee stage after the summer recess. We’ll be using the break to continue building support for Lighter Later.

A bright idea!Chile

• Did you know choosing a light colour when painting your walls can help to reduce energy use? Just one of the top tips on 10:10 Chile’schecklist, which kicks off their monthly theme of lighting.


Carolyn• Happy Birthday! 10:10 Denmark are getting ready to celebrate the end of their first year running the Danish campaign and have invited everyone to a celebration-cum-planning meeting on September 21 in Copenhagen.

• The Danish team keep cutting carbon even on holiday, as Carolyn showed when she opted for an e-postcard. She describes the effects of climate change in Uganda and takes a look at what can be done to limit further damage there.

• If you’re after more news from 10:10 Denmark, take a peek at theirlatest mail-out.


Business breakfast• 10:10 France shared their report from May’s business breakfast with everyone last week. The topic up for discussion was: “What are the levers for change?” It was attended by a range of 10:10 business sign-ups and featured presentations by representatives of Vinci, Deret, Danone and the Parisian Climate Agency. The next business breakfast will coincide with European Mobility Week, with a focus on reducing transport emissions.


10:10 Germany welcomed new sign-up ‘friendfund’ last week. TheBerlin based start-up simplifies crowd-funding and reduces waste, whilst keeping their own emissions down using Skype and document sharing.

Stay cool!Italy

• Arianna from Italy shares her tips on how to keep the air con off and still stay cool this summer.


10:10 Guerrillas• Amsterdam is gearing up for the Gay Pride parade on August 6. For the first time ever, the parade will be opened by electric boat – with the 10:10 crew on board! We’re over the moon (or should we say rainbow?).

• The University of Amsterdam’s 10:10 guerrilla gorillas shared their energy saving strategies with their fab new video. Don’t forget to join their Facebook group and download their very own 10:10 checklist for students and university staff.

• Have you got a summer holiday coming up? Check out the Dutch team’s sustainable travel and tourism guide.

• Here’s 10 tips to make the most of the sun this summer, courtesy of 10:10 supporterMilieucentraal.

• More news from 10:10 Netherlands in their latest mail-out.

Respira AspiraSpain

• If you didn’t join the Spanish 10:10 team on the streets of Barcelona at the end of July to share 100 good reasons for cleaner and more sustainable cities, here’s a round up from hub co-ordinator Christian.

24 Country Hub

B'estfest stickers• Before heading off for a well-deserved holiday, 10:10 Mediterranean left us with some helpful tips on how to stay carbon conscious this summer.

• 10:10 Romania have been busy bringing solar energy, recycling and tree planting to B’estfest Festival in Bucharest. Have a quick peek at their pics to see how they got on.

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