Stupid cash handed out, please check your bank 25/1/2011

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Wow, hats off to Auntie: the BBC did an absolutely magnificent job with their Pete Postlethwaite tribute film. My favourite line was from Miriam Margolis, who played the Nurse in the film of Romeo & Juliet in which Pete played Friar Lawrence: "Such rage and gentleness in one person is very rare". And it was so good to see a big chunk of screen time given to Pete's political efforts - not least because it was broadcast slapbang in the middle of primetime - 7.30pm on Saturday night - and 2.8 million people watched. If you missed the film, it's available here. And there's a page for everyone to add their personal tributes here.

Lizzie and I are proud to say that after an admin task the likes of which we wouldn't wish on our worst enemy, we've now finished sharing out this year's Stupid pie. All 279 bank transfers have been made (apart from the ones which are tricky for one reason or another, but we're in touch with all those people individually). If you are one of our lovely funders or crew, please could you check that your cash has arrived safely in your bank account? If it's not there by, say, Feb 1st - we only finished the last transfers yesterday - please give us a shout on One thing: if yours is a non-UK bank then the amount you receive may be up to 20 quid less than you were expecting because of bank charges. Like those banks need our 20 quids.

In other news, three former Stupid people getting up to inspiring things:
- Archive researcher Beth Stratford has edited a new report on carbon rationing (=TEQs = Tradable Energy Quotas), which was launched in Parliament last week. Beth says: "I'm still convinced that TEQs are the best tool we have for shifting social norms, giving people a tangible sense of their fair (and rapidly diminishing) share of fossil fuels, and - most importantly - guaranteeing fair access to energy in the context of a descending carbon cap. It's a tough sell - but then any policy which is actually commensurate with the challenge ahead will fall into that camp"
- Exec Producer Bruce Goodison has just launched the crowd-funding effort for his asylum-seeker-children movie, Leave to Remain. And I'm mighty proud to say I put in the first 100 quid towards their 45,000. Bruce says: "Donors will be thanked with a range of things from signed DVDs of the finished film, to starring as an extra or having your name up there on the big screen. In addition there will be gift aid added to your donation and a percentage of any profits the film makes will go into our ongoing educational workshops and campaign for change."
- Campaigner Dan Vockins starred in an hour-long TV programme about 10:10's campaign to change the clocks. Dan says: "The second reading victory for the Daylight Saving Bill remains the only time the coalition government has been beaten since election - result!"

Oh dear, I've just realised my subject line sounds like an internet scam. Ha.

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