Tonight: Stupid broadcast on BBC + Monbiot on Stupid Show 14/12/2009

Morning all,

After the biggest ever climate change march - 100,000 people on the streets of Copenhagen - on Saturday, we've had a restful Sunday chasing Stephen Chu (US Energy Secretary) around town and slowly comprehending why it takes about 30 people to make half an hour of TV every day...

Sorry I don't have time to dig out the links, but all my friends are texting me to say that Stupid is getting lots of Choice of The Days in the UK papers this morning. Sunday Times yesterday was a cracker, apparently. It's almost exactly five years since the whole project started, so rather lovely to get to this crucial stage. And during Copenhagen too. Shame there's no time for reflection or champers.

Really important: please, please contact the BBC after the broadcast. If the programme generates a big enough response, it should be re-broadcast on BBC2, where it will seen by many tens of thousands more people.
- Write on the BBC talkboard here:
- Debate on the Points of View webpage here:
- Call them on 08455 19 14 71

Saturday's Stupid Show was really fantastic, with In The Diner With Achim Steiner as the big rhyming interview (following hot on the heels of Friday's On My Head With Ed), Andrew Simms from NEF being really quite convincing that a low-carbon future is going to be happier and top climate scientist Richard Betts from the MET office laughing at my attempt to draw the history of the world in one minute. Shame his homemade joke went down like a lead balloon on the laugh-o-meter... We've now adopted a cafe-style set-up, with people sitting round watching, so if you have any friends at the Bella Centre who'd like to watch live, ask them to come along to Exhibition Hall H, stand 007, at 8pm Copenhagen time.

Tonight we have the world's cleverest climate chap on the show, Mr Monbiot himself. But what's the rhyme going to be, I hear you ask. Plus some people who have been on hunger strike for 30+ days, lovely live music and lots more analysis of the latest Copenhagen moves via our cut-out figures with flags for heads and magnets stuck on their backs. Hope you can join us.

Watch live at 8pm Copenhagen time (7pm UK) at
Watch later: all the shows are archived at

Coming up on the Stupid Show in the last week of Copenhagen...
- President Nasheed from the Maldives
- Bill McKibben (environmentalist, writer and founder of
- Vivienne Westwood (fashion designer)

- Kumi Naidoo (the UN Secretary General to the Eminent Persons Group)

- Pete Postlethwaite
- The Yes Men
- Climate witnesses
- A live link to a coral reef underwater in Belize

And maybe...
- A seriously big UK pop star singing us a song (not confirmed, but too exciting not to mention)

Got to write the script, sorry this is a bit scrappy

See you