Stupid launches in 50+ countries on 21st/22nd September 4/9/2009

Re: Mailing list to check
Hello list,

Within 48 hours of 10:10's exuberant launch at Tate Modern on Tuesday, 10,000 people, all the cabinet and the leaders of the UK's three main
political parties have all signed up to our campaign to cut the UK's emissions
by 10% in 2010
. We've also had requests from groups
in, coincidentally, ten other countries hoping to start up
10:10 France etc. If you're in the UK, please sign-up yourself and ten
friends here - and if
you'd like to follow 10:10's progress, please join the mailing list by

So, back to The Age of Stupid....

After months of extremely hard
graft, Global Premiere tickets go on sale today. We're aiming to break our own Guinness World Record and launch the film in 600+ cinemas in 50+ countries on September 21st and 22nd September. We may even beat Star Wars to the biggest gloal film screening (though have to reach 800 or something cinemas for that (how ludicrous would it be if our little climate change doc beats Star Wars?!?)).

Click on the link to your country below, to find out what's
happening near you and how to buy tickets.

There are slight variations in the different countries, but the gist is:

- Solar-powered cinema in New York beaming by satellite to 50+
- Cinemas round the world watch the green carpet arrivals (15 mins), The Age of Stupid (90 mins) and the live event afterwards (40 mins)

- Gillian Anderson, Pete Postlethwaite, Kofi Annan, Mary
Robinson, Ed Miliband MP and Franny Armstrong speaking

- Thom Yorke from Radiohead singing live

- Live link-ups to a melting glacier in the Himalayas and a destroyed rainforest in Indonesia

- Top celebs arriving on bikes, rickshaws, electric cars,
sailing boats, rowing boats and public transport before braving
the papparazzi on the green carpet (which is made of recycled soda

Other highlights include a beautiful 280 seat theatre in Hong
Kong,13 screens in Brazil, a live TV broadcast in Thailand to 4.5
million homes, a green carpet & candles event in Madrid, and a 585
seat cinema in the Maldives with the President as special guest

If you are thinking of going, please could you book your tickets (by going to your country page above) within a week, as the distributors are going to assess how
much interest there is and then pull any cinemas which don't look
popular. Oh, and we're only on for one night, there isn't a week of
screenings or anything, so if you miss it on the 21st/22nd September,
then you've missed it.

Short film about UK premiere to give you a taste of what's in store:

Please help

As ever, we have zero dollars advertising, so please help get the
word out.

1. Buy tickets to your local cinema for you, your mum, your
boyfriend, your boyfriend's hairdresser and all their friends

2. Put together an outing for your school/sports team/church -
make an evening of it by arranging a meal before or after the event
(after may be better, as you'll all hopefully be inspired to start
discussing how you can get involved in climate actions in your

3. Send the info round on any mailing list you are part of

4. Go onto the listing page (,
look through the locations and then send the details direct to your
friends in whichever country/town/city they're in. There's an easy
widget on each individual theatre's page, which lets you send the
details without faffing around with emails.

5. Go mad on Facebook

6. Go mad on Twitter

Really hope you are able to make it,

Lizzie, Rhiannon, Laurel, Deirdre, Alexandra, Stephanie, Talanne and Peter from Team Stupid New York
Franny, Laura-Jane, Jahlia, Lucy, Andy, Nic, Nick, Tom, Ben, Lydia, Nicky and Vicky from Team Stupid London
Elizabeth, Caspar, Kate, Allison, Claire, Gemma, Lottie and Tori from Arts Alliance
Sarah W, Sarah B and Suhan from Sarah Wilby Creative Publicity