Tonight: Indie launch & live webcast with Monbiot, Stern & Maldives 22/5/2009


Hope you'll all be heading to your nearest Indie Screening today. You've already missed the one at the Elephant & Castle in Powys, which kicked off at 7.30am this morning for some reason, but there's 71 others happening all round the country, from a houseboat in Shoreham-by-Sea, to the Ship Hotel in Pwllheli. From Oxford to Cambridge via Aberystwyth, Totnes and Berwick. Complete list here:

If you're not in the UK - or don't want to make new friends - you can join the live webcast from the Royal Society of Arts at 9pm from the comfort of your computer screen. (Cute blog from the RSA says that all the 200 tickets to attend tonight's event "went in about seven seconds".) Just log on to to watch George Monbiot (at the RSA), Nicholas Stern (skyped in from the Hay festival) and Dr Richard Betts (skyped in from the Met Office) collectively work out what we're going to do about this climate change thing. Or, hopefully not, to watch us all desperately plugging and unplugging random leads trying to get connections to work.

Tom and Nick are very excited about their first live twitter feed, which will be tweeting all through the day's excitements. (Actually, it's already started.) To send a message, just stick #rsastupid somewhere in the tweet. Or you can use the more traditional 'Make a Comment' button at the top of the live webcast page if tweets are too much. You should also be able to send in photos directly from your phone if they manage to get that working, despite Tom's house getting burgled last night and his computer getting stolen. (Don't they realise what we're trying to do, thieving b********?)

Amazing five-page article in the New York Times last week, all about the heroic President of the Maldives, including loads of mentions of the film's contribution to their decision to go carbon neutral. Brilliant timing as I could keep casually chucking it in when talking to potential press teams in LA last week, as though we had five pages in the NYT every day.

Sticking with the cultural theme, there's two plays about climate change on at the Bush theatre in London. No idea if they're any good or not.

Pics from Lizzie's adventures in Cannes attached. Check out the cute van screening.

Hope to see you tonight, physically or virtually
Franny & the Indie Screenings crew

PS. We finally managed to move the mailing list off the dud server, so the unsubscribing system now works, apologies again for that. Here's the link if you want to get off right now