America, Antarctica, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic... 29/6/2009

Morning all,

So remember the UK People's Premiere, which took us four months to set up and had more than 1000 people working on it?

Well, now we're doing the same thing for the Global Premiere on Sep 21/22, but in all these countries at the same time, oh lordy: America, Antarctica, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece (unlikely), Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Luxemburg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania (TBC), Serbia (TBC), Slovakia (TBC), Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Costa Rica (TBC), El Salvador (TBC), Guatamala (TBC), Mexico, Panama (TBC), Argentina, Brazil, Chile (TBC), Columbia (TBC), Ecuador (TBC), Peru (TBC), Venezuela (TBC), China (TBC), Hong Kong (TBC), India (probably), Indonesia (TBC), Japan (probably not cos of conflicting distribution deal), Russia, S Korea (TBC), Turkey (TBC), Israel and South Africa.

And all the countries which don't have satellite cinemas - all the poor ones, basically - will be able to watch the film + live event for free on the internet just for that one day.

All of which means that, if we pull it off, it will be the biggest simultaneous (ish) film event in movie history, beating some little flick called Star Wars.

This is extremely frightening.

But not as frightening as the latest predictions for the humanitarian catastrophe we're going to trigger if we continue to not get our collective act together.... so may as well give it a go, what's the worst that can happen? Complete flop, total embarrassment and lose a tonne of cash? Ah well.

Nevette our indefatigable New York event coordinator has managed to book a corner of Central Park for our solar cinema tent, though we haven't quite raised the cash to pay for it yet - I'm sure you're all looking forward to the fundraising request you can feel is coming your way....

There's been a lot of laughing going on here at Stupid Towers as we write emails starting "Dear Brad", "Dear Barack", "Dear Oprah" and "Dear Kofi". We kid you not. Best not to think too hard about any of it, or you realise how ludicrous the whole thing is.

So quite a lot to do. Here's how you can help, if you would be so kind:
- Anyone work for an NGO or other organisation which can help publicise the premiere in your country? If yes, please contact
- Are you a journalist or do you have press contacts? Please pass them on to: in the US, Meghan Gamber: <> and any other country: Sarah Wilby:

Australia & New Zealand are not on the Global Premiere list, not because we're ignoring them, but because they are having their very own special premiere in Cate Blanchett's eco theatre in Sydney on the 18th or 19th of Australia, depending on which day works best for the Australian eco-celebs. The good news is that Pete Postlethwaite is almost definitely able to make it, and as he is a big cheese in - and I've also sat on a few primetime Aussie chatshow sofas, thanks to McLibel being a big hit out there - we should be able to make a huge impact. Hence the decision to burn the fuel to fly there. (Please send any "you're destroying all your own hard work" emails to The Sydney premiere will be linked to our zero-waste tent in Auckland, New Zealand, which is being jointly organised by Oxfam and Greenpeace. And Australia's biggest cinema chain, Hoyts, have just signed up and are now busy attempting to get 70 cinemas across Australia and 10 across New Zealand to take the show. If you are an NGO in Australia or NZ who would like to get involved, please contact and press/journalists please contact Annette Smith:

Flat in New York?
We're decamping to New York from July 20 for two weeks pre-Australia and then again from August 20 for six weeks. Don't suppose anyone has a spare room Lizzie can stay in for the first two weeks and then a 2/3 bedroom apartment we could rent for the second batch?? Also in need of some office space. Any suggestions gratefully received - please email

Internship at Stupid Towers
Fantastic opportunity for someone wanting to get into film production/ post-production:
The Job: Three month internship assisting DVD producer Andy Moore, finalising the DVD content and creating all the deliverables for the Global Premiere. An interest in post-production processes would be a distinct advantage.
You’ll need: Experience of all tape formats and file formats used in the media industry, plus a pragmatic approach to backups and working with a library. Your time with us will be much easier if you have your own Mac laptop, plus knowledge of Vimeo, YouTube, Flickr, Cyberduck, cables, kettles, Final Cut Pro, Avid, Compressor, DVD Studio Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator, Excel and basic shooting techniques. A jack-of-all-trades in other words.
The Deal: Three months from asap to October-ish. Based at our office in Camden, North London. No salary, but expenses of up to 10 UKP a day. (Most of our team started by volunteering, including producer Lizzie Gillett.)
More details, including how to apply:

Heart-warming tales
- Lyn Mitchell, from the Forest of Dean, has been buying tickets at her local cinema so anybody can see Age of Stupid for free. She's featured in her local paper saying: "Everybody must see it because we are killing our world and we can still stop it. If people watch this film they will see what they can do to help save the planet. It is so important that I am prepared to cover the cost so that everybody who goes up to and including Thursday can see it for free."
- Matt has scanned all our press articles and Tom has turned them into the cutest online press pack you ever will see. You can even turn the pages! Well worth checking out, I promise.
- And so the Indie Screenings just keep on coming all round the UK.... 3 today, 7 tomorrow, 7 the next day, 4 the next, 8 the next.... If you've booked a screening, don't forget to make yourself a poster using Nick's uber-cool automatic poster maker. (Even if you're not holding a screening, it's fun to play with the postermaker... hmmm, maybe I need to get out more.) We're going to be launching Global Indie Screenings on 10th October, after the Global Premiere. Sorry for making you wait so long, but we're all working as hard as we can here, trying to do things in the right order.
- In case you didn't believe us when we said that volunteers have translated the film into 33 languages, we've put up some samples on youtube. Here's Italian for starters:
- One of the stars of my McLibel film, Eric Schlosser - author of Fast Food Nation - has a new film about the food industry out in America at the moment, Food Inc. It's just doubled its cinema bookings:

Coal Protesting x lots
1. Top climate scientist James Hansen arrested for protesting against coal
"Coal companies who engage in mountaintop removal mining are clear-cutting thousands of acres of some of the world's most biologically diverse forests. They're burying biologically crucial headwaters streams with blasting debris, releasing toxic levels of heavy metals into the remaining streams and groundwater and poisoning essential drinking water. According to the EPA, this destructive practice has damaged or destroyed nearly 2,000 miles of streams and threatens to destroy 1.4 million acres of forest by 2020." says “I am not a politician; I am a scientist and a citizen,” said Dr. James Hansen. “Politicians may have to advocate for halfway measures if they choose. But it is our responsibility to make sure our representatives feel the full force of citizens who speak for what is right, not what is politically expedient. Mountaintop removal, providing only a small fraction of our energy, should be abolished.”

2. UK activists on trial for protesting against coal
Last summer 29 people stopped a train containing 1,000 tonnes of coal on its way to Drax power station in Yorkshire. They held up a red flag, following standard railway safety rules, boarded the train, and began shoveling the coal onto the line. One was dressed as a canary - the traditional warning of dangerous pollution down a coal mine. They dropped a banner saying 'Leave It in the Ground'. Burning coal is the biggest cause of climate change, and Drax is the biggest source of carbon dioxide emissions in the UK. All 29 were arrested and are now standing trial. They're charged with 'Obstructing the railway' and they face up to 2 years in prison. Their trial starts in Leeds Crown Court on Monday 29 June 2009. Please join the group on Facebook called ‘Friends of the Drax 29’. And maybe change your Facebook status to “I’m supporting the Drax 29, on trial for the climate:

3. Miliband influenced by Pete protesting against coal
During a speech to the Fabian Society last week, the UK's climate change Minister, Ed Miliband, said that the "new breed of creative protests" had directly influenced his decision to reverse the UK's policy on coal. (Though it's still not good enough, as Greenpeace explains.) I asked him whether he was including Pete Postlethwaite threatening to give back his OBE at the Stupid premiere in this, to which Ed replied "Of course...". You can send Ed your thoughts on whether the UK should be commissioning new coal power stations at this time of climate crisis direct from WDM's website.

And finally....
Attached is a picture of the old plane we are buying.... Sorry can't tell you why just yet - or where we're getting the cash from (don't worry, investors, of course we're not spending your money) - but how funny?

Oh, forgot something very exciting... our Parisian sales agents have just sold the film to a major US TV broadcaster.... yippee....

Sorry if this message is full of typos, no time to check, gotta run for the train to a private screening of Stupid with the directors of the Environment Agency....

Hope all's well, apart from the upcoming apocalypse thing,