Piers's windfarm reborn + dream job up for grabs 21/2/2011

<< STOP PRESS: Somebody's job-of-a-lifetime is up for grabs as we are recruiting for a new Director of 10:10. See below or here.>>

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It's a rare day indeed when there is good news about climate change to report, but today seems to be that day. You remember the windfarm battle featured in Age of Stupid at the end of which our hero Piers is spectacularly defeated by the crowing NIMBYs as he fails to secure the necessary planning permission to build the thing? Well, the High Court has now overturned that ruling saying "...the Inspector failed to take into account the fact that the occupants of the five nearest residential properties were wholly supportive of the development." So Piers will be back in Bedford in the summer, arguing his case again. Hell, we might even turn up with a video camera... Meanwhile, Piers has an even bigger wind project on the go - a 250 megawatt farm in Wales which would be the largest ever in England and Wales. They've just got clearance from one of the two local councils involved and the hearing for the second one is in March. Go Piers! Go Team Piers! We've uploaded this adorable "What Piers Thought Of The Film" interview from the Stupid DVD to celebrate his success: "I read one review that said I was 'unremittingly irritating'. And I thought 'yeah, that's just how I felt when I watched myself on the big screen at the premiere.'"

While we're on the Stupid updates, I'm attaching a picture of Jamila (the Iraqi refugee girl who was 11 and is now 17) and Malik (her elder brother who was burned during the war and comes across the border into Jordan in the film). They are surrounded by stuff they've just bought with their share of the film's proceeds, which included: "4 beds, one T.V table, One washing Machine, One Gas cooker, one Stove, One T.V., One bottle of Gas, One carpet (2X3), kichten stuff (plate, dishes, cupes, glasses, spoons (for tea and for eat), basket for trash, jug, cans for salt, sugar, tea, other small stuff for the kitchen), oil (80 Liters) for one month, cellphone, and one jacket for Jamila."

Meanwhile in New Orleans, our friend Alvin-the-paleontologist says: "I will be using my pay-out to continue upgrading my own energy efficiencies. You might remember our conversation about 10:10 in New York and how I proudly declared that I had reduced my consumption by two thirds? Well I am continuing down that path with my new house as you can see in the picture. E.g., the last three months my electric and gas consumption was fourteen bucks (US greenbacks of course) each month. Pretty kool eh? I've become a regular zealot (read pain in the ass) in my circles about consumption, conservation, composting, hi-performance, efficiencies, insulation, etc, etc. But the blowout disaster [=BP oil spill] in the Gulf is beyond tragic and will be felt for decades. My heart and soul ache with future scenarios. I've signed up on several sites to volunteer my time and boat for clean-up duties. So far, the oil has only reached the outer reaches of the Delta but it won't be long before it penetrates the inner marshes, bayous and bays (like my camps). I Just got back from cruzing the shoreline in the boat and taking aerial photos using helium balloons. Sort of a covert civilian group I'm with gathering data and images on the spill that BP and the government aren't being very forthcoming about."

Al's new eco-house, built on the site of the one destroyed by Katrina (where he sits smoking a roll-up in Age of Stupid). Note that all the living area is on the second floor - the lower is garage and workshops - in case of future floods.

Meanwhile, a PhD student at Edinburgh Uni has attempted to answer the question: does watching Age of Stupid make the blindest bit of difference to people's behaviour? Her paper is well worth a read, though I'm not quite sure what conclusion we've supposed to conclude.

Are you bored of stacking burgers in McTesco?
Somebody's dream job is up for grabs: yes, we are recruiting for a new Director of 10:10, as the very brilliant Eugenie Harvey has decided to step down as it turned out not to be possible to run a mega-ambitious campaign and a four-month-old baby at the same time. The job is based in London: small team, decent money, hobnobbing with all-sorts, mega highs, crushing lows, piles & piles of soul-destroying admin and enough job satisfaction of the doing-something-significantly-good-sort to last a lifetime. Please pass on the job details to any brilliant people you know.

Speaking of jobs, the hard-grafting team at Just Do It (behind-the-scenes climate activists doc hopefully hitting cinemas this summer) are looking for translators into Mandarin, Hindi, Arabic, Russian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Greek, Turkish and Bengali. Expenses only but "we can offer the opportunity to contribute to a ground-breaking film, with a team of industry professionals". Contact Lauren at action@just-do-it.org.uk

Finally, Pete Postlethwaite's family have launched a fund for struggling acting students at Pete's old drama school, the Bristol Old Vic. Please splash some cash in honour of the wonderful man if you can: http://www.oldvic.ac.uk/ppfund

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