"What the hell am I doing here?" 22/7/2009

Evening All,

Apologies for the second message in two days, but I just had to tell you the amazingly brilliant news...

.... but before I get on to that, here's some random interesting stuff...

America loves us
Just had our first feedback from the US of A, which, according to this aggregator site, was "three excellent reviews", making us the No 3 best reviewed film in America right now, after Harry Potter and The Queen & I. How strange. We got the top spot in both the New York Times ("an emergency wake-up call to do everything possible to avert impending catastrophe" ) and the LA Times ("Think 'An Inconvenient Truth' but with a personality"). Now I know it's a bit strange to get reviews two months before the big premiere on Sept 21st, but we decided to do a little low-profile mini-release in advance of the main event, so that we can qualify for the Oscars. Not that we think for a moment that we could win a little gold statue, I hasten to add, but even getting on the shortlist or longlist would mean that the film would travel much further... got to be worth a punt eh? See the attached pic Lizzie took on the streets of New York two hours ago... "Yo Franny, Check it out! Our little film in downtown New York... I had no idea and was absent mindedly walking along the street when I saw it!! Will get better pictures straight after urgent calls. Central Park proving difficult for the premiere - 50,000 dollar fines very normal - will fill you in later. From one happy Lizzie x"

Wind Turbine factory surrounded by riot police
20 workers at the Vestas wind turbine plant in the Isle of Wight have staged a sit-in to try to save their factory from closure. The riot police have just gone in... Help the protestors here.

Volunteers needed tomorrow, Saturday & generally
We are in urgent need of pairs of hands either in the office - contact lj@ageofstupid.net - or for a day out making Action Packs in Old Street on Thurs 23rd and Sat 25 July - contact ellie@ageofstupid.net

Didn't believe that stuff about volunteers translating the film into 34 languages?

Two shares left
We've raised 80,000 quid since last week's share announcement. Which leaves 20K if anyone would like to snap up one of the last two chances to own a piece of Stupid. Or if you can't afford 10K, you can buy half a share for 5K. Contact andrew@ageofstupid.net

Caption Competition
Bizarre photo from Saturday afternoon at the Latitude festival below. The cute ones are my nieces. Will explain more next time.

That's about it.

Nice knowing you,


Oh yeah, I knew I'd forgotten something... The mind-bogglingly brilliant news is that Radiohead's Thom Yorke has just this very second confirmed that he will sing live at our Global Premiere. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaa. And just to make it even cooler, he is not going to travel to the premiere, but instead stay at his rehearsal studio and join us by satellite link. Thereby making a point about the low-carbon not-so-much-travelling future, as well as singing us all a luverly tune. Life - don't you just love it?


Franny Armstrong
Director, The Age of Stupid


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