Stupid on TV in USA + other countries tomorrow 28/1/2011

Hello again,

Apologies for two messages in one week, but there's exciting news just in: Age of Stupid is on TV in America - and other countries which receive Discovery's Planet Green channel - this Saturday 29th. Please do pass on the link to any American friends who haven't yet realised how much they'd love to see the film (for free):

Apologies, too, for forgetting to include the link for the new crowd-funded film, Leave To Remain, by Stupid's exec producer Bruce Goodison.
Here it is: They're already off to a cracking start, with £1,637.50 raised in the first few days.

Speaking of raising cash, thank you very much to the 19 funders & crew who decided to give their share of the Stupid pie to 10:10. The metaphorical cheque we just handed over was for £6,514, which raised a big cheer from Team 10:10. They all pass on their enthusiastic thanks and invite the n-n-n-n-nineteen to pop in to the office for a homemade chocolate biscuit if you're ever passing Camden.

Still speaking of raising cash, the wonderful Funding Network - through which we first met many of you fine people - is spreading its warm embrace down south, with the first event to be held in Devon - and in a castle, no less. See attached flyer. If you've never been to one of their get-togethers, I can't recommend it highly enough. In a selfish way, I mean - as you will without doubt come out feeling better than when you went in. And you only have to hand over some cash if you're moved to do so - which everyone always is, as they only ever pick eye-wateringly moving projects to support.

Over and out,

PS. Is that a truncheon in your pocket? Very funny blog about under-the-covers undercover police from our friend Chris Atkins, director of the ace Taking Liberties doc.

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